Is The Cell Processor Smoke and Mirrors?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about the Cell Processor and Sony's first party developers. Many people feel that the PS3's visuals surpass the 360's due to the Cell Processor, but isn't there something they are all forgetting?

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Nick2120043838d ago

I truly feel the Sony's first party developers do not receive the praise they should. They put all their hard work, time, and money into these engines and games to sell a little over a million. PS3 gamers need to stop bashing the 360 and buy games for their console.

GWAVE3838d ago

Ahahahaa! That title was hilarious.

Yes, of course The Cell is "smoke and mirrors", in the sense that it can actually render realistic, HD-quality smoke-effects and mirror-effects that cannot be done on other consoles.

"The proof is in the pudding", as an old man once said to me.

Maddens Raiders3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

vs. the 360's and the Wii's and see how many smoke and mirrors there really are. ^^^lol @ people telling fanboys to buy games when one console came out a year earlier, with only a modest lead, right*now.

tatical3838d ago

Halo 3 uses its own engine...

UnSelf3838d ago

Uncharted: DF is the smoke

KZ2 is the mirror

UC2:AT is the magician

GOW3 is the wand

GT5 is the stage


PS3 owners are the audience

FamilyGuy3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Yeah, the devs deserve the credit for making these fantastic games but the devs vision is only realized "through the awesome power of the cell", as the die hards like to say.

Hordes of combatant enemies on screen is not just dev work.
Having the same large number and of the same quality of character models (no downgrading) on screen fighting all at once is BEYOND what the other consoles are capable of, NOT because the devs aren't trying hard enough, but rather because of the limitations/power of the other console makers hardware.

Just look at a the backdrop of resistance and ratchet and clank future, that isn't some faked, "smoke and mirrors" picture, all those obstacle are 3d object rendered in real-time. You can fly right up to them and circle the objects. This is not true for other console where we might see something as atrocious as 2 dimensional fire in a 3D world (though that WAS a dev thing).

All im saying is that the devs due their part but the cell deserves a good amount of credit too. They go hand-in-hand to create things like this

cherrypie3838d ago

Dave Shippy, Lead Designer at IBM behind both CPUs said the Xbox 360 and PS3 are "fairly equal".

Time to stop pretending otherwise.

FamilyGuy3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Them both having their own weak and strong points makes them "equal" but the weak points of one makes it fall short big time.

Something along the lines of floating-point index...
Does that ring a bell?

When you find a game that proves your point get back to me. You don't wear "fanboy goggles" like some of the other trolls, you're on a whole other level achieving the coveted "fanboy blindfold" accessory.

ps921173838d ago

Hey Nick how about you STFU, the vast majority here saw that your comment was simply a hidden stupid little insult at the PS3. Call it what you want, but this "smokes and mirrors" is what I see, and until 360 shows the same capabilities, reality will be "Smokes and Mirrors". Grow a brain, realise people aren't stupid.

dktxx23838d ago

The ibm guy is not going to say one of his projects are worse then the other, their like kids in a sense. Besides, just because you designed something, doesn't mean you know it the best. I'm sure game makers who have worked with the cell for years now now how powerful it is in regards to games than he would.

Eddie201013838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I hate to be mean to this guy, but I have listen to him talk on gaming a few times and most of it was just a lot of repeating himself and double talk. By the end of his talk I don't really understand what his conclusion was.

He seems pretty cool but he needs to work on his communication skills a little.

And if he wants to seem reputable, he needs to stay away from flame bate tittles for his articles.

cmrbe3838d ago

If you care so much about PS3 exclsuive games sales then go buy a bunch of copies yourself or better yet fund their advertisement yourself. You sound like a little kid and since when is selling over a million a bad thing?.

All major PS3 franchise have sold over a million each. Most of them will see sequals very soon. This is a sign that Sony are happy with their game sales.

I_am_rushin3838d ago

And you need to get a life, stop making stupid internet videos, get a job, and get a girlfriend.

poopsack3838d ago

yes nick, because we all know that the gamers that dont buy games dont do it because they were too busy attacking the 360.

LiL T3838d ago

Nick Mcdick from gaymeracsess Douchebag and Flamebait?

rockleex3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Is that why scientists and hospitals use PS3s instead of supercomputers? I never heard of anyone replacing their supercomputers for a bunch of 360s.

By the way, Dave was talking about the CPUs, no mention of the cell's SPUs. I hope you know how big of a role the SPUs play on the Cell Processor's performance.

I anticipate someone's going to use the typical response, "But calculations, algorithms, and floating point have no effect on game performance!"

I only need to mention that no game on any console other than the PS3 have yet to beat Uncharted in graphics, physics, animations, lighting, volumetric smoke, textures, etc.

Marceles3838d ago

I like how the original Uncharted makes fun of games that use "Smoke and Mirrors". There's a Next-Gen mode option after you get a certain amount of reward points, and it makes the whole game bloomy, bright, and shiny. I thought that was really clever of Naughty Dog since bloom was and still is overused by games to disguise graphical flaws, low draw distance, and to make games with weak AA look smoother.

aaron58293838d ago

or ... is the phrase Smokes And Mirrors overused and associated with Sony ?

Killzone 2 - Smokes and Mirros
Heavy Rain - "REAL" Smokes and Mirrors
Now Cell - Smokes and Mirrors

What's next ?

Uncharted 2 - Smokes and Mirrors

Immortal Kaim3838d ago

Not sure about the smoke and mirrors comment but I think overall people put too much emphasis on the PS3's apparent graphical superiority. I personally don't think there is as much difference between the two (PS3/360) as some people make out?

Syronicus3838d ago

Dave's quote was also taken out of context. The discussion was about the core processor, the IBM PowerPC. We all know that the 360 and the PS3 share this common CPU but the difference is the architecture that the base CPU is compiled with. The CELL uses the SPU approach and has proven to be much faster and can crunch way more numbers than the architecture used int he architecture used int he 360. The CELL uses a synergistic approach to number crunching where the 360 processor does not.

Just take note that his comment was about the core CPU used in each of the very different architectures, not the CELL itself.

freitox3837d ago

Yes the cpus are fairly equal, but the ps3 has 7 SPUS! each spu is more powerful than a ps2, let me see the 360 beat that, according to IBM the Cell is 2.5 times more powerful than the xenon, now spin it as you wish...

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Beg For Mercy3838d ago

guy forgot that the cell can render graphics to a certain extent.

Nick2120043838d ago

I have always known that the Cell Processor can handle certain aspects of the visuals side to these games, but the Cell Processor is not FULLY responsible for these amazing visuals.

Gue13838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I kinda agree with you @Nick212004.


But even if you build an incredible engine for the Wii it'll never look as amazing as the PS3 or X360. So the Cell processor must be helping on something... You know like, giving the horsepower for more effects for the engine? Maybe? I'm not a dev so... Who knows?

You probably know even less than me. At least I'm studying Computer Science. =D

user39158003838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Lets be honest, gears done in 1 year 6 month, haze 5 years 9 month to make, end result gears its a better game than haze. Why? Because developers new what they were doing.

Anything that takes you over 3 years to make you better have a good excuse for it and not let it be a bomb like haze, because thats just pure crapy developers fault for such an awful game.

Visuals are better on the 360.

Nick its a dumb ass with lack of knowledge of gaming, does not know anything on the architecture of the consoles and wants to heard.

That ugly orangutan reminds me of the dumb ass fandroid Tony Scarboni.

LiL T3838d ago

Nick from gaymeracsess Douchebag and Flamebait?
evereybody : yes he is and needs to STFU. Who gave this kid a camera? they must not have liked him.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3838d ago


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Masamori Sumimura3838d ago

not going to end well once again....

Nick2120043838d ago

If you actually watched the video, you would know that it is not bashing the PS3 in any way possible. If anything I am praising it, but the Cell Processor is not FULLY responsible for the amazing visuals of titles like Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, etc.

Megaton3838d ago

Yeah, we get it, you make up bait titles for hits. Line up over there next to HHG.

Elven63838d ago

If you didn't have such flamebait titles maybe I would bother watching your show, but on principal alone I refuse to.

This filter isn't doing a very good job =/

Salvadore3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

" but the Cell Processor is not FULLY responsible for the amazing visuals of titles like Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, etc."

Oh wait, I know the answer.... must be the developers or no, its developers?

/end sarcasm

morganfell3838d ago


I am a huge Sony supporter but I agree this is the type of flamebaiting that has no place on a professional site.

beavis4play3838d ago

flamebait titles for "hits" is lame.

Montrealien3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

You know, if this flamebait was so bad, which I think it is, maybe we should stop going to them like flies to a light? This stuff should just die, reporting these kinds of stories wont do you nearly as much good as just flat out ignoring them would.

FamilyGuy3838d ago

I absolutely hate the way you talk, sound and even the expressions on your face. It's hard to say "no offense" but i'm not trying to be mean it's just everything about you annoys me. Damn you annunciate!
I know it's your braces fault but those expression are all your own doing.

I watched two of your DAILY videos now and i don't see how you keep getting approved...

krouse933838d ago

You don't know enough about the hardware to make this video.

The Cell Processor allows developer make their engine to any specifications they want they can tell it to do whatever they want to do with the visuals, physics, gameplay, coding, use as a bottle neck for the graphics card, etc etc.

The Fact of the matter is The Cell allows Developers to make an engine do whatever they want it to.

The traditional processor in the 360 is limited to the things normals CPU's are limited to and uses its graphics card like a normal PC game uses a graphics card.

But The 360 is not able to produce as striking graphics as the PS3 because developers are able to use the extra SPEs and Cores to create more spectacular graphics for the PlayStation 3 instead of just relying on the graphics card.

Rofflecopter3838d ago

I'm not going to watch for a few reasons:

1. Flamebait
2. You're a kid and know nothing about the hardware or either console [360/ps3]
3. You're always wearing Hollister or A&F
4. The way you talk, the expressions you make, and most importantly, the sunglasses tan.

On topic: its not smoke and mirrors. compare game graphics, resolutions, and frame rates of exclusives.

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mrv3213838d ago

Is that facial hair... waw kids develop early.

On a serious note... this isn't news this is some kid with a webcam.

Killzone 2 has been in developement for four years I heard :P and also Too Human for TEN years now you decide which looks better.

Oh yeah it's the engine that decides graphics not the hardware :P. So my NES can haz the Guerilla Engine :P.

The 360 is so close to the PC, the PS3 is slightly different.
Also what about Forza 3? He said EARLIER in the same video that you don't need blu-ray for games to look good yet as an examble of good looking 360 he used Forza 3 a game that's coming out on two discs...

Also the fact the PS3 can RUN these engine means the cell ISN'T smoke and mirrors... the PS3 hardware is still next-gen I heard it was better than the i7.

Elven63838d ago

Too Human has not been in development for 10 years, the concept may have been tossed around then but physical development of the game actually started in 2005/2006.

mrv3213838d ago

So roughly the same time as Killzone 2 even better... so which looks better? Both use custom engine etc... Also it cost 80 million more than Killzone 2.

Elven63838d ago

Too Human was using a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3 while Killzone 2 used a custom engine

ukilnme3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

@ mrv321

Too Human cost 80 million more than KZ2? Are you serious?

IMO, MS got ripped off.

mrv3213838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

On the list of Unreal Engine games I see no Too Human and further more it was said that Too Human INFACT used an internal engine although this has yet to be fully confirmed lawsuit awaiting etc.


No my mistake Too Human cost 80 million, more than Killzone 2 which cost 50 million.

Elven63838d ago

If it was using a custom engine and the lawsuit was filed in 2007 that means they created a engine in less than a year. Lots of links about the law suit on the Wiki,

PirateThom3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

There's rarely exact figures for video game development costs, but most sources say Too Human cost between $80-100m to develop while Killzone 2 was $60m.

For reference, GTAIV was $100m, while MGS4 was $50m and Halo 3 was $30m.


The engine they used was a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3.

Elven63838d ago

Too Human doesn't look bad by any means, does it look as good as Killzone 2? Of course not.

I really hope Silicon Knights ditches or makes dramatic improvements to their Unreal tech. Although rumors claim so far Midway is the only one who has matched Epic when it comes to modifying the Unreal engine but we haven't seen the work it produced!

ukilnme3838d ago

I gave the wrong impression. Too Human looks great. It's the overall package that failed imo.

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