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beavis4play4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

and throw away all the "action game crap" from RE5.
that game (along with GTA4) are 2 of my all-time gaming disappointments.

and before it starts: this has NOTHING to do with which versions of either game it is.........360 or ps3 - they're the same disappointing games.

SixTwoTwo4084d ago

I hope they do bring back the horror elements. But I have a bad feeling that Capcom will go the other direction and make it much more action oriented like COD and Gears.

badz1494084d ago

and most fans will be happy! the tank-like control is maybe a non-issue considering RE games was always using that control before but in 5, there is no horror! not even close to compare with the like of Dead Space or even Silent Hill home coming. (although the later is not that great but still clinching to the roots of horror!)

narked4083d ago

bring back the basic games to life. give us the old camera, the ZOMBIES not stupid diseased monsters from re4 and re5. and bring back nemesis and the lickers back ^^

Syronicus4083d ago

And have been playing the originals on the GameCube recently. And to be honest, RE:Zero, Nemesis and the RE one remake are true to the series and are awesome. This RE5 stuff is crap. I even wonder why I loved RE4 so much. RE4 was good but it started the RE games down the wrong path. They need to get back to the scary stuff and less action shooting. Item management Capcom, that is where it is at.

Cwalat4083d ago

They really dissapointed me with RE5, all the crap about "We are bringing horror into daylight and we will still keep the RE feel of the older games"...

I remember reading that in an article back in 08.

Oh well, i truly hope the RE reboot won't dissapoint... because that would withou a doubt kill the franchise for me.

himdeel4083d ago

...RE5 was decent but as far as horror games go Dead Space and Siren:BC are the next gen heralds of this genre on the console side and I hope to one day see RE returning to their roots.

Raptor4083d ago


Seriously, Zombie snipers?

Cmon Capcom.

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xino4084d ago

Not another Mansion trash incident game AGAIN!?

The fact is, it's also a REBOOT!
Nothing new!

Well, if they are doing a reboot, it will be refreshing because they totally farked up the storyline!
Africa, uroboros, ganados, viruses/aids/diseases, tyrants all these bullsh man.

beavis4play4084d ago

and by "series reboot" i think they mean taking the game in a different direction - not redoing a previous game. (although i'd love to see RE2 done on this gen of systems)

ZOMBIEMAN14084d ago

actually reboot is about throwing away everything that has happened and restart from scratch while also changing things while still keep the story generally the same it's hard to explain but just think of Friday The 13th 2009 whenever they talk about a reboot . also what's wrong with the mansion it is were the original survival horror was located in i say lets go back to the mansion it's still a scary mansion

-chaz-4084d ago

All I know is that I want zombies back. Enough of those Ganados....

NaiNaiNai4084d ago

there were never zombies in RE, just animated corpses. Its all a virus thats it. when they start poping out of graves then there zombies.

funkycoldmedina4084d ago

Actually, zombies did pop out of graves in Re: DC, RE: CV and I think RE3 as well. Just saying. I actually grew tired of zombies and survival horror theme. It got exremely lame after Zero and RE3 with the boring tank controls and few enemies. I'm glad RE4 took the series in a new direction, but RE5 actually didn't quite live up to expectations for me. Like a lot of people say, whatever happened to the heat and sun affects in RE5. The loss of Shinji Mikami or whatever his name was a huge blow.

-chaz-4084d ago


Umm...aren't animated corpses called zombies? In any event, whatever those creatures were called - in your anal retentive definition - in those first three games...that's what I want to see more of.

madjedi4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

@3 I agree

I miss blowing a zombie in half with a shotgun and it's still crawling on the ground coming for you, or blasting hordes of zombies and body parts flying off, ah the good times.

Maybe they will bring the reals zombies back, the slow, stupid, and endless at times hordes, of the first couple games. And do away with the lame ass matrix bosses that can take more damage than the first 4 or 5 bosses combined.

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beavis4play4084d ago

does anyone (besides me) think a horror game along the lines of the story in the old movie "warning sign" sound good?...... a huge, multi-level defense plant that has a virus get away and infect the 100's (or 1000's) of people inside. players could play as one of those who don't get infected (this could be a good co-op game as well) and have multiple objectives (stay alive; find anti-toxin; uncover what the plant is really doing.....etc..)
i think it sounds fun. i was watching this recently and thinking that the RE franchise could head in this direction. forgo the mansion and africa. a large defense plant offers up lots of areas to explore, viral zombies to fight and conspiricies to uncover.

just a thought.

rukia_chan4084d ago

i hope not is like crap game r5 imo...

i want re series like of era of ps1.

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