343 Industries Confirmed As Publisher of All Things "Halo"

Today at Comic-Con, Microsoft announced "Halo Legends", which will be a series of Anime films based upon the halo story.

But, the real big news revolving around the announcement of "Halo Legends", however, is the revelation, broken to the world via Press Release, that 343 Industries will helm all Halo development from now on. What has been speculation for a week now has been confirmed as fact. Microsoft has formed a wing of their Microsoft Games department to focus solely on the Halo brand.

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Once Upon a Fable3832d ago

They've got Ryan Peyton, producer of MGS4...Frank O'Conner who was the #1 guy at Bungie....some female who is a coding Guru from Gearbox.

Gonna be a Elite Team!

JaggedSac3832d ago

Bring on the "ZOMG MILKING" comments.

jav09183831d ago