Vice Weekly 39 - Mango Madness

"Hide your wallets!, the Broke Gamers are back once again…in consecutive weeks. This week we have a crowded Skype chat which includes Mel, Gary, Roger and Kevin along with a fashionably late cameo by The Don!

What do the Broke Gamers think of Tony's articles this week pertaining the PS3 being "only good for exclusives" and the XBOX 360 being "only good for multi-platform games"?

The latest NPD results were at least a little shocking, what do the numbers mean for the Next Gen consoles?

What have the Broke Gamers been playing lately with their slim-fast budget?

Be sure to tune in next week as we'll be discussing and reviewing the following games: Wii Sports Resort (also contain video footage), KOFXII (also contains an interview), Final Fantasy CC and Mahhvell vs Capcom"

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