Gran Turismo HD Skyline Test Driver Replay

GameTrailers just released videos of Gran Turismo HD's test drive of the Skyline and their tribute trailer to the Skyline's 50th anniversary.

Update: Skyline's 50th anniversary trailer:

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nix4220d ago

can't believe... they actually get the test driver to 'drive around' the circuit.

GT is the best! q:

Torch4220d ago

Been a good couple of months since I fired that one up.

Is it me, or are the crowd animations in this video better than our version?

Inasid4220d ago

I agree with you, the exterior surroundings of this game are looking great. I wonder if that steering wheel he was using had some vibration to it, especially when he crashed. Hopefully we will get some more updates with this game soon.

Inasid4219d ago

I wish they would have shown the replay of him crashing. Too bad their cannot be any damage to the car, I believe that's the one aspect that GT is missing