Microsoft, Sony, and Gaming: Fighting a Battle, Losing the War

Video game consoles as media centers are a failed strategy. Microsoft vs. Sony. Xbox 360 vs. PS3. This is principally how the console wars have been defined by both the media and the players themselves. When the Xbox 360 came out, there was no question that it was in response to Sony's console offering. When the PS3 came out, it was the Xbox 360 in Sony's sights. And the rules of engagement have revolved around functionality, features, graphics capabilities and enhanced storage, with the vision of the gaming console as a multi-functional media center residing in living rooms the world over. This is one of the justifications given for the billions that these companies have sunk into these platforms, for which the payoff is at some undetermined point in the future, with the following sentiment: "You just don't get it; it will take 5-10 years for these investments to bear fruit, and they will spend what it takes to execute this vision. This is not a short-term play." But what happens when Nintendo and Apple take elements of your value proposition and go after them with laser focus? And do so in a way that makes money - and fast. And take mind-share - quickly. What once looked like a bipolar competitive landscape has gotten a lot more complicated very, very rapidly.

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DeadlyFire4196d ago

Well I am still waiting for Sony to setup a New OS against Windows. That will be the war worth taking in. Probally won't happen at least until Playstation 4 or later though.

BIadestarX4196d ago

Are you nutz? Do you actually think that Sony has the resources to enter the OS market? The OS market unlike a console it's not a game (Most of the jobs today depends on it). It does not take 3-4 years to design an OS that's capable of competing against what's out there. Windows, Linux, OSX, Unix and like 100 more. Does it look like we need a hardware manufacturer to be making software? Also, how long is being that Windows is the most use OS? One can argue that there are better OS out there than windows and yet it windows is still dominating. Let's say that Sony does make an OS; next it will take a lot to convice computer manufacturers to pre-install the OS in their systems instead of just picking an already stablished/Proven/familiar OS. This has nothing to do with defending microsoft, I am simply stating that why re-invent the wheel and spend so much money when there is Linux which already work on the PS3(without being able to use the graphic chip ofcourse). There will no Sony OS for PC users. The further Sony may go is making a custom version of linux; but with so many of them currently in the market, do we need more?

Black Republican4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

god damn
you are crazy boy

the O.S. market is way different -> do you have any idea how much more new jobs Sony would have to pay for and create???? thousands...

creating and releasing an O.S. is a very hard and lengthy process, if Sony created an O.S. it more then likely will not even be a match for MAC O.S. yet alone Windows. (I am not speaking about quality when I say "it more then likely will not even be a match for MAC OS yet alone Windows") We could all argue which is the best O.S. all day lol, my point is wether Windows is the best O.S. or not the O.S. market is Microsoft's.

Firewire4196d ago

The guys makes some excellent points in the article, but I hate all this Nintendo crap! It's a cheap as* kit!, It didn't have to be special, cause all you are doing is playing 10yr + old games on it! Anything new is graphicaly the same as those old games! So wow Nintendo added motion sensing! What a crap system that is,the motion sensing is no where near percise!
Its a gurantee whenever the next Nintendo console comes out, you will be playing the same old as* games again! and paying for them all over again!
Nintendo wins the award for recycling crap 10X over!

JCDenton4196d ago

You are wrong, mate. If anyone recycles old games, than it's Micro$oft and Sony. Examples: Tekken 1,2,3, Tag,4,5,6. God dammit! Same ol' stupid one-on-one fighting game. Nothing really changed since the original (Tekken 1)(you're still sitting infornt of your TV pressing the buttons on a joypad). Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,4,5. FIFA 96,97,98,99, 2000, 01, 02 ,03...07. WTF! And still you're sitting infront of your TV... NBA 96-2007! Ace Combat 1,2,3,4. Mortal Kombat 1,2,3 + (3D era) 4,Deddly alliance, Deception, Armageddon!

Nintendo actually changed something - the way you interact with the game. Another Mario game! So what?! You play it differently. On the other hand, Sony hasn't changed ANYTHING revolutionary since the PS1. Same goes for Micro$oft. So what if it has practically the same graphics as the GameCube?!? Graphics on the GC is good enough for nice visuals. It's not about graphics, it's about gameplay and fun.

I'm not a Nintendo fan. Actually, I own just SEGA's consoles and I'm not planning on getting PS3 or XBOX 360 (maybe Wii).

razer4196d ago

I love both the PS3 and Xbox but Nintendo just doesn't do it for me. Mario is sooo played out and if Nintendo dictated the market, hardcore gamers like me would be moving to PC because there just is no rush in cooking sims and jumping over mushrooms.. The Wiimote is cute but it ends there, what little I played I was ready to put my hands on a real controller.

Black Republican4196d ago

HEY some questions.
lately I have just been trying to think what else they could possibly add to improve next gen consoles???

of course we know BETTER GRAPHICS,

but anything else you guys can think of? stuff that we dont have now or later via internet console updates???

Firewire4196d ago

I think the answer is in Little Big Planet! Its not graphically impressive, but gives you the opportunity to in a sense create your own video game & characters!
And the ability to share with others over the net, and take elements of others level creation and incorporate them into your own. Truly with this game nothing will be unique! The game will keep evolving! Every time you sit down to play it, your essentially playing a new game!

I know your looking at updates, but that only does so much, the real future is in user content!

Icryo4196d ago

next gen consoles should improve gameplay more than graphics. That's what i don't get with many gamers on this site: it's all about the graphics. If the graphics aren't good, then the game has to be missed.

Graphics are immersive to the ultimate experience however...

There's no point having a beautiful game if the game mechanics just suck. I know i'm off topic, but let's take Halo 3 for example. Yeah, the graphics might not be mind-blowing YET, but does it really matter? I just want to go on multiplayer and see what new modes to play etc, really not bothered about visuals in the slightest...

Master of Menace4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Does anyone honestly think that inferior, gimmicky machine the Wii will still be in the battle 4 years from now, please. And they will sell 100 million consoles? Sure, just like the last 2 generations, they had the casual gamer in their strategic plans then to. The N64 died, the Gamecube has disappeared without a trace. Gee, they where cheap too, but you couldn't even play a CD on them, let alone a DVD. Once again with the Wii, you can't even play a simple DVD, the graphics are already last gen, and the controller looks like a television remote, please. If you want a console that only plays last gen games, and has the functionality of a brick, by all means pick one up, they're going cheap. You want cutting edge games, limitless functionality, HD movies and games, Next Gen storage with Blu-ray, and a 60GB HDD get a PS3, they're going cheap. I honestly can't get enough of my PS3, I download my home movies that I can watch at anytime with a flick of a button, and my digital photos look beautiful in HD. The slideshow that converts the photos to 3D is awesome. There's heaps of space for all my music CD's, which import quickly and easily, plus you get a great display while their playing. I can surf the net from the comfort of my living room. The Blu-ray movies look fantastic, way better than DVD. And of course the games. Resistance, Motorstorm, Formula 1, Ridge Racer look great from launch. But I can't wait for Heavenly Sword and Lair which are coming very soon. Sony are in this for the long term, and have designed their console to be future proof. More people are seeing this, and are thinking harder about their purchase. If any console can hope to reach 100 million, it's the PS3. It has the broader market appeal and staying power. Wii is a passing fad.

PS360WII4196d ago

the artical wasn't saying that Nintendo is killing the competition. They said that Nintendo isn't pursuing what seems like a big bet on multi-feature consoles. To the 'masses' Wii is what people want. They just want a game console to be a game console. I don't see the 100 million ipod owners all deffecting to the PSP because it not only plays all the mp3 but games, web, and others. No they stick with the ipod.

Wii doesn't need to play DVD's in fact I don't know why people still bring that up. N64 along with the GC all lasted 5 years. No more no less so to say they died isn't really true it just lasted the norm no more no less. Wii may not sell 100 million but they won't go quietly in the night either. 3-4 years from now I still see games coming out for the Wii yes even 5. Graphics are nice but are NOT the end all be all for gaming. Unless your a fan loyal to a different console. The market shares are big enough for PS3, 360 and Wii so there is no war to fight... ah well I tried

Master of Menace4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

If you think people will still be playing Wii games in 5 years. The other consoles will be much cheaper by then, and have much higher quality games. The Wii is going to get old very quickly. And when you are finished with the games, it's no good for anything else. I am still using my PS2 to play DVD's,CD's and new release games. N64 and Gamecube are now just very good doorstops.

PhinneousD4196d ago

we get it, you're a ps3 titty baby, we understand that you can't afford 2 consoles cuz of the ps3 you just purchased. save your lunch money kiddo, and someday you'll be able to purchase the cheap wii. i promise you'll have fun.

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