TGN: Aion: The Tower of Eternity Preview

The Total Gaming Network was recently afforded another extended peek at NCSoft's Aion: The Tower of Eternity, the newest in their lineup of MMO titles.

While Dairuka doesn't find overly innovative gameplay styles, he is highly impressed with the level of detail put into making each character class fully balanced for both Player vs Player engagements and Player vs Environment engagements. He also finds the visuals for Aion to be far superior to most other MMOs on the market at the current time, making for an immersive gaming experience in both character customization and gameplay.

With over 38 unique and varied in-game screenshots, the preview clearly demonstrates why Aion so impressed the Total Gaming Network's resident critic. See some of them in the Story Images tab.

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MrKLM3833d ago

This reminds me a lot of Guild Wars. Good Preview.

Dairuka3833d ago

The game ran about as smooth as Guild Wars did too. I better give props to NCSoft for that much at least. =)

INehalemEXI3833d ago

sucks waiting till every other weekend for the next beta event.

Dairuka3833d ago

They got me all addicted to it, and then cut me off as quickly as I'm hooked. =(

One things for sure... I'm tired of hearing people say it's gonna kill WoW though. The two games are completely different.

NaiNaiNai3833d ago

Ive been playing WoW for over a year, and personally this is better. I dont have to do a bunch of crappy Add-ons. that and it just looks so much better on full-settings.