SDCC: Gamer Roundtable - A Gamer Movie By Non-Gamers

UGO's Michael Hess writes from the San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Gamer panel,

"The upcoming Lionsgate film, Gamer, about people controlling people (PCP?) in two different massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) - one is a FPS-style game, while the other is reminiscent of 2nd Life - is an intriguing concept; that the co-writers and directors admit to playing very little video games themselves is equally so. Though they spent some time on 2nd Life and Call of Duty before the movie, Crank creators Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine openly admit that they're not big gamers.

"We're not big gamers. We played GTA because we were going to write GTA, and we got addicted to that for a couple of weeks, but is was Pac-Man before that.""

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demonwor3825d ago

WTF! Ok this movie is just gonna put a BAD taste in everyone's mouth...
I have to say how can you make a movie about video games when you don't play video games... or even do research about gamers themselvs... there just gonna build up on stereotypes!... But i have to admit the idea of making a movie fully based on those hollow stereo types might have a shot and just might be different enough to be remembered... I mean how much damage can they do to movies based on videogames themselvs... all the other movies are freakin retarded