Gamepro Preview - Astro Boy: The Video Game

"A self-proclaimed 2.5-D action platformer, Astro Boy takes you through the skies and streets on a quest to save Metro City. For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Astro Boy is an android created by Doctor Tenma, a Ministry of Science worker, to replace his deceased son. Contrary to Tenma's expectations, Astro turns out to not be what the Doctor ordered, quite literally, and so he pawns him off on Professor Ochanomizu who soon finds out Astro has quite an arsenal of special powers. From that point on Astro leads a life of eradicating injustice from the world. The upcoming game by D3Publisher will go hand in hand with the movie set to release in October, which will supposedly reinvent Astro Boy as we know it."

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