Analyst: Nintendo May Consider Wii Holiday Price Cut

As Nintendo's hardware, first-party software and royalties decline across the board, analyst Michael Pachter says the company may consider a holiday price cut for Wii to help meet its sales targets.

The company's hardware sales are tracking "well below" last year's, says Pachter, with Wii unit sales down as much as 50 percent year-over-year. Although DS sales are up by about the same amount, Nintendo's expected to finish the year about 10-15 percent behind last in terms of hardware revenues.

It's not just hardware. The company's first-party software sales are also down 30 percent, and royalty dollars are "roughly flat." The company still plans on selling 26 million Wii units and 30 million DS units in its fiscal 2010 (the company closes the first quarter of its fiscal '10 on July 30).

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EvilTwin3829d ago

Pachter just repeats this type of stuff over and over, because sooner or later, he'll be right. Nintendo will cut the price of the Wii at SOME point. Why stating the obvious makes this guy a credible analyst is anyone's guess, though.

The first-party software comment is kinda funny, though. Without a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, SSBB, Kart...ummm...yeah, I'd expect first-party sales to be down. The big guns have either been shot, or Nintendo is reloading them.

Gr813829d ago

But also, lets not forget the two sure fire massive hits NSMB and WSR. People are all talking about MW2 and all, but those two games individually will probably outsell MW on the 2 platforms combined.