Why would I want co-op movie watching

One of the most talked about aspects of the next NXE update is the ability to share movies and allow your friends to drop in and join your movie watching experience.

What hasn't been talked about much however is why on earth you would want this, what's the point and who (apart from Netflix) thinks this is a good idea?

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

This is my most wanted feature! My online friends and I have actually rented movies and all synchronized our start time so we could comment on the movies together. It's pretty hard to do and we always got out of sync when someone needed to pause the movie to get their fat ass to the bathroom. This will finally make that struggle super easy! Dare I say "At the push of a button"?

I'll answer the opening paragraph's questions:

Q: "Why on earth you would want this?"
A: I like watching movies, I like being with friends and I like watching movies with friends. Now I can watch movies with my online friends without flying across the country just to watch "Superbad".

Q: "What's the point?"
A: See my above answer.

Q: "Who thinks this is a good idea?"
A: I do! It's an awesome feature IMO! Again, my first answer says it all.

Some quotes from the article:

"The idea is that while you are watching a movie on your dashboard you can have friends dropping in to watch the movie with you, and talk to you, and annoy you…"

First of all, you can put privacy to "invite-only" so unwelcome visitors don't interrupt you; second, I don't know what kind of friends you have, but if your friends purposely follow just to bug you, you're not very good at making friends.


"What makes it even better is that you can change your view so that you can see your avatars in the cinema in front of you and they can then interact with the movie by moving around and throwing popcorn at the screen."

It's an option not a requirement so why complain? I'm all for options. If a movie gets dull of there's a slow part maybe you want to kill some time by chucking popcorn at each other? I probably won't use that view, but I'm sure a younger person will find it amusing.


"I think it’s time we ejected some of these gaming executives who are coming up with these ideas and replacing them with gamers, who actually play games."

I think it's time we eject some of these lame ass gaming blogs who come up with this garbage and replace them with journalist, who actually write articles.

The website's picture with the guy in the "Dunce" hat says it all...

ThatArtGuy3830d ago

Some people just can't be quiet. Like the people texting, talking on their cell phone, and shouting "DON'T GO IN THERE" at the movie.

You know the ones... the ones you want to throw popcorn at. The main reason I hate going to the movies anymore.

GavinMannion3830d ago

So you're looking forward to being able to watch movies with friends?

Maybe it's just me but if I want to hang out with friends then we actually do things like have a BBQ, go play some ball or play games.

Watching a movie has never been a team sport in my mind and all I am saying is that the Xbox 360 is a gaming console and I would expect Microsoft to add in the features that gamers have been crying for since before the 360 was released. Not try to placate movie goers who want to experience popcorn throwing in their own home

Grown Folks Talk3829d ago

& you use this as an opportunity to share in an activity other than just talking on the phone or doing video chat. Because MST3000 was your favorite show, & this is the only way you know how to truly pay homage. Because Salma Hayek is fine as hell, & if she showed up to my house I might be headed for divorce. Wait a minute... scratch that last part. Honey is that you? What are you doing home so early?