Batman: Arkham Asylum Exclusive Content

From Xbox Evolved:

"Players will battle the Scarecrow's army of skeletons."

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jdktech20103835d ago

Can I say I officially hate this exclusive reserve thing.....I mean it's one thing for a game like Madden that I know I'm gonna get anyway but this is just dumb in my opinion. You're leaving out part of the game unless you preorder from the Walmart of game stores......I've decided GameStop is pure evil....

I'm just gonna rent it anyway but it's just a dumb tactic that must be working or they wouldn't keep doing it

LtSkittles3835d ago

it will eventually go on the marketplace/psn after the game is released.

StanLee3835d ago

I agree. I don't see why I have to buy the game from Gamestop to get access to content. I do not purchase games at Gamestop. Why should I be forced to just the enjoy the full experience of a game.

akaFullMetal3835d ago

Either it is working and getting them more pre-orders which means more money for them. Or they need to do it, since nobody is buying games from them anymore.

Willio3835d ago

Usually, permenant contents from the game can be found on the net after a week from its initial release. Look at Burnout Paradise for example, all the codes from other "Pre-orders" can eventually be found online.

Mo0eY3835d ago

To get this exclusive item, all you have to do is follow my plan of screwing Gamestop (much like they screwed me when I was ignorant of their ways):

First, find a friend who preordered from Gamestop (on their website). Next, when they receive their preorder code via e-mail, have your friend copy it and send it to you. Lastly, send this e-mail back to Gamestop saying your code did not work. Since you gave them the exact e-mail, they will simply think that the code-giving machine made a mistake, and they will send you a new one.

I've done this for a inFamous code, a LittleBigPlanet code, and a couple of others, and it all works seamlessly every time.

This only works via e-mail though so I suggest preorder on their online store.

And one last thing - I'm not sure if you can preorder, get the code, and then cancel on them. I've done that once before on them, but I think they changed their policy.

Anyway, that's just one of the ways of taking advantage of a company that takes advantage of you.

Long live Goozex!

Counter_ACT3835d ago

It's even more annoying when it's a US only thing and we don't get some, or most preorder items, here in Europe, ever!

Krimmson3834d ago

Just be sure to use different emails. If you keep saying that the code doesn't work with different games but with the same email, GameStop might catch on.

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badz1493835d ago

now more exclusive contents for those who preorder from GS? WTF?? how many variations will be there for this game?

LtSkittles3835d ago

Amazon gets you postcards, Walmart gets you the armored suit which is already in the game, and there's some in the uk.

Darkspade3835d ago

and these people keep asking them self's, why do people pirate are Games.. when they split the content up between what store you buy it at becomes a joke... It's like buying a car but you can't get tires unless you go to this one dealership...As far as madden goes to the guy at the top..Ever since EA got the rights to the NFL they have done nothing with Football.. this madden game is just now getting to what NFL 2k5 was back then.. exclusive content should be stop buy the developers.

VampHuntD3834d ago

1. Preorder the game
2. Get your code when you pick up the game
3. Return the game.

As long as the game is unopened (which it will be since you bought it elsewhere more than likely too, return it. It's not like they check to see you got a preorder code and will demand it back. I've had legit preorders that I never got my codes for ever.