WET dev: 'Not enough faith in Activision'

After Vivendi's game division merged with Activision last year a lot of titles got cut by Activision. Among those titles was the action packed shooter WET from developer A2M. During an interview with Dutch website Gaming Only at an event for the game in Amsterdam today, the game's Creative Director Patrick Fortier, told a different story. He says that after they heard that Activision would not be publishing all of Vivendi's titles, A2M took matters into their own hand and bought back all the rights from Vivendi. Fortier said "we (A2M) did not have enough faith that WET would be at the right place with Activision". He also added that they did not want to wait to find out if the game was still going to be published by Activision or if it would be dropped.

When talking about new publisher Bethesda Fortier said "we are really happy with Bethesda Softworks, they haven't limited us in any way". During the time WET did not have a publisher A2M had several parties that were interested in publishing WET. They chose Bethesda, because they felt best at home with them according to Frontier.

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ian723836d ago

I am not really interested in WET but I hope it does well and proves Activision were wrong to not publish it.

Blaze9293836d ago

Yeah that's what I want to happen as well, them to have the opportunity to show Activision that their game is actually good.

Now UNFORTUNATELY from what I seen so far of WET, the game looks kinda...lame. I hope a demo comes out though and hope it's actually good though. It's hard and sad for any developer to find out their project "sucked" after spending so much time on it. Like the Damnation developers, got shut down for poor sales and scores of Damnation.

chrisnick3836d ago

"It's sony's fault!!! They need to drop the price!! WE ARE SUPER SERIAL!!!

MK_Red3836d ago

Completely agreed. Activision will never be forgiven in my book after abandoning Brutal Legend and then effing suing it!

Knightrid8083836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I'm with you on this one. That was a really d*ck move on Activision's part. They decided to drop it but now that the game is getting the attention, they want to stop it from being released. Really shows what Activision has become.

I hope Activision lose the case so badly that the verdict's result will give Brutal Legend even more attention.

badz1493836d ago

activision is a douchebag and a big one on that! for me, I'll never ever buy another titles from them! - yes, including MW2!

aaron58293836d ago

I wont make a promise that i wont buy MW2 ...

But then again, that's the only game published by Activision that i'm interested at the moment...

Syronicus3835d ago

Is Activision the new "EA"?

JL3835d ago

^They might be worse in my eyes Syronicus. I'm with the ones that say I'm never buying anything from them (as if I ever did before anyways--I don't even care for the COD franchise). That whole Brutal Legend thing might be one of the most asinine things I've witnessed in while too. Seriously Activision these days.

By the way, to all the people who just can't resist getting MW2 (like I said, I'm not into the franchise, but my brother will want MW2), here's a word of advice kinda: Just wait a week (if that), then go pick it up used. That way you get your game, Activision gets no money though. That's what I've convinced my brother to do. And serves Activision right.

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sofocado3836d ago

Well I am also not interested in WET, but I hope it does not do well. I think Activision did the right thing not publishing this game. There is nothing to prove here.

Gamer_Politics3836d ago

Well Wet doesnt seem like anything special in my opinion cant really blame Activision for putting the red light on this project

PS360WII3836d ago

Just to be different I'm going to buy this day one and enjoy the heck out of it.... maybe ;)

outlawlife3836d ago

I don't have enough faith in WET

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The story is too old to be commented.