New screenshots from the PS3-exclusive Demon's Souls

Atlus has sent out 10 new screenshots from their PS3 RPG Demon's Souls.

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morganfell3841d ago

I have been enjoying the import for some time now. The English voice acting is surprisingly good but I will still grab this again for the extras.

killyourfm3841d ago

Yep, definitely looking forward to this the import worth getting or should I wait for the localized version?

raztad3841d ago

Wait for the NA version, dude. Support Atlus locally, encourage them to bring more games to the western.

My only concern is time. If game is as hard as many here say, will be very difficult to me to finish it cause lack of enough time. I hate not to beat my games.

ud3841d ago

You're gonna have a hard time then ;) but the game is SO rewarding that it's very satisfying to beat hard parts. Especially bosses!

If you want it to be a bit easier, I recommend starting with the Noble class (not even sure it was the name of the class, either that or royal something. They might change the class name too in this version) Basically, you start with very good mage equipment. Beginning classes don't really matter, they're more like starter kits.

Enjoy the game!

Nineball21123841d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. I've got a guy on my friend's list playing this and everytime I see that he's playing it... I get a bit jealous. hahaha...

morganfell3841d ago

I would wait for the localized version. Although all of the import menus are in English (The manual isn't), and the V/O is in excellent English, they are supposedly adding more features and refinements for the NA release.

raztad3841d ago


Thanks for the advice :) +bubble

ThanatosDMC3841d ago

It'd be great if there's an Boss Arena mode add-on.

This game is worth full price. Trust me.

Max Power3841d ago

also you'll be able to play with some fellow US players.

Raf1k13841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Is it heading to the UK?

I've got a mate whose sisters are gona pick it up for me from Hong Kong. Should I cancel that if it's coming to the UK?

edit: @ Jdoki. Thanks for the reply. I'll just wait for the one I'm getting from HK then. I really don't see why they don't just ship some to UK as well since we speak the same language as the Americans. I guess they don't want to alienate the rest of the Europeans.

Jdoki3841d ago

As far as I know there has been no announcement for a Euro release.

If it sells OK in NA then maybe we'll get a launch - but for a niche title like this I'm not sure they will bother as the extra cost for sticking French, Spanish etc VO's on the disc may not be worth it.

Import from NA may be best option.

I've been playing the Asian version for months and it works fine - fantastic game.

INehalemEXI3841d ago

Yeah I got to sell the asian vers and get the US one to play co op with buds when it drops the game is savage in its way it does pvp too. Must has.

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Ninver3841d ago

i know alot of people will be in my @$$ for this but i am yet to buy a single rpg this gen. Don't know why but just haven't been interested in the ones already released so far.


i Agree actually, the only game ive actually like so far is Folklore. THis game excites me aswell though, oh and Fallout 3 was the Shizznit to me

-MD-3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Tales of Vesperia has been the best RPG I've played this generation. Blue Dragon was far too easy to be fun and I've yet to play Lost Odyssey but I have it coming through Gamefly as we speak.

Valkyria Chronicles was good but it's really not your typical RPG. And It's been a LONG time since I played Enchanted Arms but I remember enjoying it. Really though check some of these games out they're good.

I never got around to trying Folklore either I'll have to give that game a shot.

@Monolith - You should try some non Sony IP one day it seems like you're limiting yourself.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33841d ago

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the graphics of this game TBH. Escpecially those epic looking boss fights, they really take the graphics up a notch. Almost reminds me of SotC.

-MD-3841d ago

Ehh... I'm not too worried about the graphics I just want to know if the gameplay is solid. Anyone care to shed some light please?

Nelson M3841d ago

Your not too worried about the graphics
Seeing as your a Xbox Owner

cmrbe3841d ago

Try VC. Best WRPG this gen by far.

evilmonkey5013841d ago

The best rpg Ive played in 3 years was Joan DE Arc for the psp.....I highly recommend it.

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nycredude3841d ago

For you guys on the fence... Three words.


Ninver3841d ago

hmm suppose i will mate. suppose i will...

-MD-3841d ago

Have you played it nycre? I was hearing the game was annoyingly difficult and that kinda turned me off.

I like this style of game though so if someone can actually tell me it's good then I'll check it out.

nycredude3841d ago


I imported it and have been playing it as much as I can. The game is very immersive and has a dreadful atmoshphere. Just like other RPGs at first before you level up, and because the game doesn't hold your hand at all, the difficulty can be daunting. But like 10 hours in something just clicks, and you realize how the game should be played and once it happens it pure action rpg gaming bliss.

There is more game here than $60 worth and trust me when I say that if you can get over that initial shock no other game this gen is more satisfying.

I am not a professional reviewer so I won't be able to explain the experience but check out Eurogamer's review. I never agree with their score but this review is the most accurate explanation of Demon's Souls experience I have read and is the one that convinced me to import.

Needless to say I already preordered teh collectors edition from Atlas cause I want to support this type of game in the US so more people can enjoy. Hope this helps!

-MD-3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Hey thanks for the mature reply I'm not used to that on this site. I'll take a look at that review but I want to ask a few quick questions.

1. Max level?
2. Is there a class that has some type of pet?
3. Is the entire game played alone?
4. Can you modify your attributes at all?

nycredude3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I know it seems all n4g is these days is a warzone.

I think the max level is liek 740 or something. The game is deep and long. To get platinum you NEED to play the game three times through. There are alot of people on the scoreboard who have played it over 200 hours.

I haven't use all the classes but I don't see a pet of any type.

You can certainly play the entire game alone, but one you get to a certain point in the game you will get two different type of stone in the game that will allow you to 1) show up in someone else's game to kill them and loot their bodies, which will also give you back your body, and 2) summon two others to help you fight a boss or just to play the game together (providing you are alive and not in soul form).

There are a total of 16 bosses 9all huge and epic) in this game and environments are huge and the levels are designed in such a way that reminds me of ICO castle. Trust me if this is your type of game you will LOVE it. Without a doubt one of the best game this gen!

Read the Eurogamer's review as it will more than likely convince you to buy as it did me.

Edit: I forgot to mention during the game you will see ghost silouettes all around you which are other players playing the game. You will see and also have the ability to creat messages that people can see warning them of impending danger. It really is cool stuff.

The only thing that sucks is that when you play cooperatively ther is no voice chat. I wished they patched that in.

Edit 2: You can't modify your attributes per say but you can alter them with certain equipment and weapons and jewelry. Almost every weapons will have special effects to your attributes. the weapons and fighting system is also very deep. You can literally play the game with two shields one in each hand if you would like. if you are heavily armored with a big sword you will be slow but strong. If you have no armor and a dagger you will be very quick and you can attack an enemy from the rear easier, which is important as it deals extra damage.

Different combinations will work better with different enemies. It really is crazy deep game.

Edit 3: Your welcome. I don't think you will be disappointed. I forgot to mention the hit detection. If you are in a small hallway with a large weapon and try to hit an enemy you will get the weapon stuck on the wall. You then will have to back out of the hallway or change to a smaller weapon that would be more effective.

I can't say enough about this game really so I'll just leave it at...

Also get the collectors edition with the guide that supposedly you can't get anywhere else. You will be thanking me under your breath while playing this game later... trust me.

On a different note I wish N4g was more news and less BS.

Nelson M3841d ago

Go and get your self a Monkey
You Stupid Baboon MurderTroll

-MD-3841d ago

Thanks for the info I think I'm gonna give it a shot.

Edit: Pay no mind to this kid above me ^

-MD-3841d ago

Looks like Nelson came through on his multi accounts and made some disagree passes. Ah well typical N4G I suppose.

"This guy speaks the truth but I just don't like him *clicks disagree* "

Simon_Brezhnev3841d ago

Demon's Souls is a real good game but you better have patience especially at the beginning. My character level is maxed out and the game still is not easy especially after you beat it once.

SmokingMonkey3841d ago

I've been on the fence about this game.

After reading your 'review' i'm picking up the Collector's Edition.


..are we really in teh open zone? Oh wait never mind. lol

raztad3841d ago

Hey what a good and civilized conversation here in the open zone. Lovely.

You guys are getting me really pumped about this game. I was planning to buy it someday after release, probably after finish UC2 but now I'm just pre ordering.

presto7173841d ago

I have been reading what you've said about this game, and I'm gonna get it. The thing is, its only out in Japan so I will need to import it. I was just wondering if they only released the Japanese version. That is, is it possible to import the english version (with english voices and text) from japan?

Please pardon my n00bness in all of this. I have never imported a game before...

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callahan093841d ago

My game of the year so far. Not sure if something else will top it by year's end, but Demon's Souls is actually not just one my game of the year so far, but somewhere near the top of my favorites for the whole generation so far. It was so addictive and fun for the 113 hours it took to get the platinum.

zoneofenders3841d ago

definitely GOTY for me.

and i will grab the NA version again just so i can kick some newcomer's butt LOL

Consoldtobots3840d ago

this game is what Oblivion should have been and Oblivion was GREAT!

can't wait


I was going to import this game,decided to wait for the NA version and now I am back to considering importing it.....
PSN bud just got it and has done nothing but praise it and he isn't even a big rpg fan,66$ he paid when it was all said and done.He says it's hard but the difficulty adds not detracts from the experience.Import,wait,import. ........

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