G4TV: X-play preview borderlands

"X-Play had a galactic exclusive look (worldwide exclusives are so yesterday) at Gearbox Software's Borderlands. Here are two excellent videos detailing the game's single-player and multiplayer aspects, respectively. First up, X-Play's Adam Sessler talks to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford about the game's story, gameplay style (role-playing shooter?), character development, vehicles, and more."

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meepmoopmeep4390d ago

Borderlands, I choose you!

i'm getting this over MW2
CoD will be the same ol' thing agian.

This one is a bit more refreshing

RememberThe3574390d ago

I really have it out for Acivition right now.

meepmoopmeep4390d ago

i have nothing against Activision.

i'm just tired of the same CoD over and over again.

Hildor_muthafo4390d ago

Count me IN! Day one purchase. This is what Too Human should have been. Finally a loot game where I can play with up to 3 other friends.

Gamer_Politics4390d ago

i'm not impressed by that video


Looks and sounds damn cool.I heard about this game awhile ago,was interested and then it seemed to disappear and I forgot about it.Given the choice between MW2 and this I wouldn't hesitate to opt for the 'Borderlands',more to my preferred gaming likes.So the question really for me is if this game is set to release around the same time as MW2?

ian724390d ago

These two videos have totally changed my mind about the game. I wasn't really interested in it until now. I am looking forward to hearing more and reading some reviews. The way it is looking I may be getting this quite soon after release.