Lair devs: "We were blown away by Cell"

Julian Eggebrecht, president and chief creative director of Factor 5, explains to GamePro what the Cell processor, Star Wars, The Passion of the Christ, and dragons have in common...

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kingofps34192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Okay Cell do your thing.

HuntingYou4192d ago

i think he says one level is 32x32km. im not sure about the conversions but is that over 45,000 american acres? that is huge and with the detail of a first person

Firewire4192d ago

Yeah 32km X 32km = 1024 sq km
Its a pretty big world, and I believe every level is that size!
I can't wait for it either!
Nice to hear more on the motion controls

Ps30074192d ago

Mabe some programmers dont know how to program for it, but those that actually do will be able to produce some stunning games.

Ubisoft and the likes dont have the programming knowledge to code the cell.. As its very apparent in the games they have put on the Ps3.

Lair is a great example of what those little SPu's can do.

Cant wait for more great games like this. As far as 3rd party games, ill download them on my PC if they are even good enough. Will buy mostly all of Sonys 1st party games and anyone who actually puts effort into the Ps3..

Sucks though because some programmers just are not smart enough to code the Ps3.

Or 360 for that matter.. That console has so many patched games its not even funny.. Thats what you get when people can just throw code onto a console.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

devs. say it hard to dev. for every new system they start programming for.
then they figure it out and love it.

devs. are (mainly)winers.

they just get comfy in what their doing and don`t wanta switch.
it`s only human nature.
all it take`s is one co. making a game that they can`t make(w/ their current ways).
they get jealous and wanta learn.
again it`s human nature.

but i do agree w/ you.

HuntingYou4192d ago

but there should be alot more people out their that know what to do. I just rerad some where that the very first MIT "CELL" class just finished up...and i am sure there will be many more. i think it was only like a moneth long class but it was only devoted to the cell processor and by next year, there should be a sh!t load more peopole that know what they are doning with the CELL

Anego Montoya FTMFW4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Is amazing.........
what even more amazing is you can land almost anywhere.
if every level is that or around those
w/ that being said...
the only thing that makes me think twice about this game is the timed missions.
timed missions can be annoying if their not done properly, for exploring purposes.
but who knows they could take it out by the time it ships.
either way, timed missions or not i`m checkin this one out.

also.... factor 5 earlier on said "Lair 2" most likely have multiplayer.
i like that idea.

@panther (below)
their 1st party devs.
and they haven`t werked on the ps3.
i get your point.

The Panther4192d ago

HALO 3 devs: "We jizzed when we saw the x360 GPU."

Nik4192d ago

but many people were unjizzed when they saw the beta vid.

Armyless4192d ago

That's ok, i voted to take away one of your bubbles.

ASSASSYN 36o4192d ago

And we all were blown back when we saw the blurry graphics and repetitive gameplay of lair.

Nik4192d ago

ASSASSYN, considering Lair has many things in the background, the graphics are actually incredible.

For example, you can't expect GTA on PS2 to have Tekken's graphics do you? 1 has so many things happening at once, the other has only 2 chars.

As for the gameplay, what more do you want? Most games are repetitive... what's important is gameplay looks interesting. Like any FPS game, repetitive, but interesting.

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