Racing Games 50% Off This Week On GOG

The summer months are generally a good opportunity to catch up on old games you've missed. Racing fans looking for something to tide themselves over until the next Forza or Gran Turismo might want to check out Good Old Games this week.

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phosphor1124351d ago

Meh, oh well, I'll stick with my other games until F3 / GT5 comes out.

lbartley4351d ago

I love when people just have to say something, even if they have nothing to say...

phosphor1124351d ago

And it was that those games aren't good. I can see why they are so cheap. I have rFactor and GTR to go to, and other race fans should probably go to one of those instead of these cheap games.

Information Minister4351d ago

Actually I had a lot of fun with Screamer about 15 years ago. I remember at the time you had Ridge Racer on the PS1, Sega Rally on the Saturn and Screamer on the PC. Those were the days...