IncGamers: Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits Review [360]

IncGamers' Tim McDonald has a go at GH Greatest Hits.

"Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is in one sense, a staggering act of hubris. In terms of note charts and making rhythm-action games with guitar implements that feel right, Harmonix is to my mind the undisputed master, and now Neversoft has re-released a lot of the songs from the earlier games in a brand-new package, with the original master versions of the songs, updated note charts, and support for extra instruments."

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Maticus4386d ago

Disappointed with the score.

AndyA4386d ago

I'm not convinced this warranted a retail release. Why not just offer the tracks as DLC?

Salvadore4386d ago

Surprised? No, because repackaging a title with no updates and labelling it "Greatest Hits" isn't going to work.

Chazmers4386d ago

yeah disappointing on behalf of the Guitar Hero team,