The Xbox Boss Talks About the State of the Xbox 360

A year ago, EGM (1up) interviewed Xbox bossman Peter Moore shortly after the 360's launch. So they decided to do a one-year follow-up with the guy, and threw in a few questions direct from their readers on to force Moore to address his customers directly. They also ask him some of the same big-picture questions that they posed last month to Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America's president and CEO, so you can compare the two's responses....

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Leo Atrox4191d ago

I think it was the April issue, but you're right. I knew that it seemed familiar. I read this article more than a month ago.

Bill Gates4192d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Don't worry Peter I read your interview. You've got a friend in me buddy.

Covenant4192d ago

He answers many questions adequately, but he also dodged a few...which is what we expect from a corporate spokesperson (Moore, Sony's Harrison, etc.). He was actually kinder to Sony than I thought he'd be...figured he'd go for the jugular when asked about their struggles.

I almost laughed when he tried to justify the Core's existence, however. (Sorry, but it needs to go, especially with the Elite on the way).

I do like what he said at the end:

PM: "The industry is in as good a shape as I've seen it in the years that I've been involved. I remember years ago, people saying there was no way three consoles could ever coexist. Now, the Wii has carved out a position that is very distinctive, I think we've carved out a position that's distinctive, and the PlayStation 3 is in the process of carving out a position. I think that is good for consumers; it's good for retail. The more competitors that you have and the more that companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo invest in the industry and invest in great development resources, and with publishers putting large amounts of money behind makes for a very healthy industry. I hope that continues."

Rather than one dominant console, we have three solid machines with much to offer gamers...good for us, and good for the industry.

snoop_dizzle4192d ago

one spokesman that doesn't lay on the bs a little too thick. That goes for all sides.

But still he did still answer some of those question well.

But youd here the same stuff from Sony and Nintendo.

Only if Jaffre was a spokesman beyond his own games.

Vojkan4192d ago

At least this time he was more objective than he uses to be

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The story is too old to be commented.