Bentley Jones On: Sonic The Hedgehog

Gaming Union writes "Bentley Jones isn't your average man. He's sold over 7 million records as a producer, had chart success in Japan and been involved with composition and arrangement on recent Sonic the Hedgehog games.

This is the first part of Gaming Union's interview with Bentley Jones, in which we talk about his views on the Sonic franchise, what it was like being a special guest at last year's Summer of Sonic and of course, what are his favourite Sonic the Hedgehog games."

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Selyah4386d ago

Pretty cool interview, looking forward to the next segment.

mephman4386d ago

Too bad he might not be able to go to this year's SoS

Selyah4386d ago

Well yeah but he still could so it's not completely decided it seems.

mephman4386d ago

I'm sure he'll make an announcement soon enough.