Katamari Forever Demo Now on Japanese PlayStation Store

SCRAWL: "The demo for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Katamari Forever, has been released on the Japanese PlayStation Store this morning. The demo weighs in at about 528mb and contains two levels to play. The game is known as Katamari Damacy TRIBUTE in Japan."

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ultimolu4389d ago

Oooh, nice!

I'll check it out.

PirateThom4389d ago

Downloading now, love me some Katamari

LittleBigSackBoy4389d ago

downloading now too, what kind of game is it? i've heard of it before, but not seen anything.

PirateThom4389d ago

It defies logic and genre. If I was to explain it as "roll a ball to pick up items to make the ball larger and other ball rolling exercises", it may not sound very appealing, but it is.

The menus and info are all in Japanese, so if you don't know any, prepare for a learning experience. :D

LittleBigSackBoy4389d ago

it's pretty damn fun! i like the song that guy sings before you press on the game lol

Orange Juice4389d ago

Is great! This game should be close to the top of everybodys list if you have any interest in the series. From the second the demo starts it just feels like a tribute to everything katamari, like the name implies. The visuals are crisp, the controls are tight and the sound is crystal clear. This is totally a day 1 purchase for me.