The Format War: What's in a Name?

In order to have a copyright over their name Blu-Ray. Was Blu-Ray's name their biggest mistake in order to win the format war over HD-DVD? Google search introduces several charts showing the problems that arise with misspellings.

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Inasid4196d ago

Well I know just speaking with the average joe (my boss) the other day, he asks me, "What is Blu-ray?" I explained to him it was pretty much a High Defenition DVD with more storage space than it's rival (HD-DVD). I know there are more tech. difference, but I tried to put it in the most simplest terms in order for him to understand it.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the many who searched under Blue-Ray.

Bathyj4196d ago

I hate the name HDDVD. Its 5 syllables. It doesn't roll off the tongue. Go into a shop or ring around to a few different places and ask

"Do you sell HDDVD? Do you sell HDDVD?"

It feels annoyinging. BluRay is ok cos its only 2. Like they say you should name your dog with a 2 syllable name cos they pick it up easier.

WilliamRLBaker4196d ago

Whats in a name? I certainly would rather have hd dvd cause that atleast tells me its dvd, most people i talk to have no idea what blu ray is but can atleast figure out what hd dvd is..

tomfoolery4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

could leave a lot of consumers unsure of what it's all about,and choose HD-DVD for its self explanatory title.
Then again when you have a marketing deity like Sony pushing
something,and pushing it with all of their promoting ability,who knows?
We need Edgar Cayce!!!(the 20th centurys greatest prophet, for those who don't know who he is). Maybe he would know which format to go with........if he wasn't dead!

dknight4195d ago

I agree.
You know what your getting from it's title.

Inasid4195d ago

Thanks for enlightening me, but I prefer Nostradamus. He's old school.

THAMMER1: I was thinking of the other blue pill..

THAMMER14195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

She got frustrated in 2 min. and said just for get it. But she did make a funny joke about Blu Ray sounding like hemorrhoid medicine.

gooner4195d ago

lots of people i know got a ps3 because blu ray,even though they dont have a hdtv because blu ray is a dvd with more room and can show in hd.
hddvd tells u it will not matter unless you have a hdtv

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