Video: Six Solid Minutes of Ryu Combos

Wired: How far can you make it in this admittedly well-produced video of Ryu combos from every Street Fighter game he's ever been in? I got about three minutes in before MEGO status.

I think it's like those portraits of Abraham Lincoln made out of laundry lint: You can't help but stand in awe of the sheer determination, but you wouldn't want to hang it in your living room.

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Christopher4394d ago

It may not look like it, but that combo against Gen was pretty freaking sweet. And it takes some truly awesome skills to properly time it to punch back Captain America's shield twice in a row.

presto7174394d ago

That Gen combo was in Street Fighter Alpha 3. And I must say, its definately one of the best combos I've seen on that game. I used to play it when I was little. Never could do stuff like that though...

4394d ago