10 Essential Free PC Games

A whole lot of action for a whole lot of nothing… A major benefit of being a PC gamer is the glut of free games that are widely available – easily totalling more than the back catalogues of any single console. Freeware has been an established part of PC gaming culture ever since early Nineties shareware games proved to the industry that giving something away for nothing could be very lucrative.

Admittedly there's a fair amount of chaff to sift through now, but even if you take the dross out of the equation along with indie freeware (whose artistic intentions are often more honourable than corporate offerings), there's still an impressive roster of titles; impressive enough to keep a gamer busy for the rest of their lives without ever having to shell out a single penny.

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Dellis4384d ago

All PC games are free....

dirthurts4384d ago

actually BUY their games...

dirthurts4384d ago

that some people buy games. That's amusing. Considering I pay for my games, that proves you wrong right there...

Timesplitter144384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

I'll see you crawl at my feet, pirate maggots.

You are responsible for the downfall of PC gaming and you know it. You are a tumor with no honor at all. And NOBODY harms PC gaming on MY internet.

dirthurts4384d ago

Fancy pants is great. It's flash based, but totally free. Pretty short. But has a lot of potential.

mrv3214384d ago

Can I ask a question where's Star Control 2??? As many of you know or don't star control 2 is an RPG space game... and one of the greatest gmaes of all time. It reminds me of Fallout 3 except the graphics. Everything in the game is brilliant(combat doesn't count :P ) The enemies and characters are varied the voice acting is awsome and the size means you can play this for days

Best part is that this game isn't some free downgraded version the fans remade the game adding the most they could and remaking the audio. It's called the ur-quan masters and it's free to download!

Bartosss4384d ago

I was hoping for some indie games, these are widely known.

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