The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Goes Portable

Gamer Limit writes "After some teasing last week from LucasArts regarding an iPhone version of the point and click classic, it seems they've made good on hinted suggestions of the iPhone/iPod touch version of The Secret of Monkey Island."

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jessfams4384d ago

I'm really glad they decided to release this for the iPhone. This is one app I won't mind putting down 8 dollars for.

syvergy4384d ago

Wow, didn't even know it was coming out. Will have to grab it :)

AcesAndEights4384d ago

I already want an iphone, to be able to play Monkey Island on the go is actually making me want one more. Damn you. And your little dog too.

PS360WII4384d ago

Yes LucasArts has given the iPhone it's blessing :)

omni_atlas4384d ago

you can actually already play this on the psp with the scumm emulator, but this one has the updated graphics + sound dialogue so I think i'm going to go ahead with the buy

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