Dragon Quest IX Battle System Revealed

1up reports that the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump reveals that the combat system of Dragon Quest IX for the DS will retain the traditional turn-based system as opposed to a more action-oriented one suggested in earlier reports.

Enemies will be visible on the field, and players will enter into battle once in contact with them. Like Dragon Quest VIII, the battle will be presented in 3D with players selecting commands for attacking enemies, casting spells and others.

Dragon Quest IX will also be the first time players can customize their appearance including physical features such as your height, weight, face, hair as well as your costume.

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PS360WII4197d ago

A turn based RPG! I almost thought they did away with them

[email protected]4197d ago

I thought this game its gonna be a Action/RPG. Look like our Japanese friends want TURN/RPG after all.

Great news.

eclipsegryph4197d ago

I fear for Japan's economy when this game comes out.