Guerrilla to 'step back from Killzone 2'

Posting on the official European PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games producer Seb Downie has said the studio will take a break from Killzone 2 following the release of the game's third DLC pack, Napalm & Cordite.

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Xwow20084391d ago

they will focus at their next game :)
still they supported KZ2 in a good way, much respect 2 guerrilla.

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Boody-Bandit4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I think most shooters can be labeled generic depending on the person giving their opinion. I have played almost every shooter that has come out this generation. It's all basically the same. Get from one area to the next and kill all that get in your way. I thought KZ2 was fantastic but that's just my opinion.

So do me a favor and humor me. Name a couple of shooters this generation that "you" feel isn't generic and give a brief explanation as to why you feel that way.

PotNoodle4391d ago

The thing is though, the sales were not low at all. People are too obsessed with comparing games to other games.

Time Lord4391d ago

Name me a shooter that has had more than 3 map packs?

TOO PAWNED4391d ago Show
PotNoodle4391d ago

People are not allowed to disagree with you without being PS3 fanboys?

Yes, it is your opinion, people disagree with your opinion, hence the large amount of disagree's, that is the whole point of the Agree/Disagree system.

Mr_Bun4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

If you can't handle people disagreeing, maybe you shouldn't post

Edit: You are not new to this can't be surprised when you post something negative regarding a high profile game and get a negative response.

Boody-Bandit4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Fanboys in general are pathetic. All it takes is to p!ss off a couple with multiple accounts and they stick to you like ticks on a dear.

I know you are a PS3 fan but I just wanted to know what shooter you feel isn't generic. I didn't disagree or agree with you. I am just a huge shooter fan and I wonder what other shooter fans feel is generic vs innovative, compelling, original, enticing, etc and so on. Most shooters have meh stories. Then again that all comes down to individual opinions as well.

ZombieNinjaPanda4391d ago


Please try playing Killzone 2 before you label it generic. If anything, the controls themself should make it un-generic.

Pennywise4391d ago

Too Pawned. You are getting disagrees because you are stating things with the same attitude that Silogon would use. If you want to bash sales, provide sales numbers. Being KZ2 is @ almost 3 million if not over is not bad IMO.

KZ2 is now in the best console bundle on the market. Sales for this game will skyrocket. I respect your opinion, but respect mine when I tell you I think your opinion is crap.

originalrece4391d ago

im mad that i have to pay 10 bucks for 2 maps an 2 guns thats bs... i already bought the two other map packs.... GG can u please come out with a seperate pack like wth iv already spent alot of money on the other dlc... now need to get another psn card for this map pack an the new zombie maps comin out in august....

jeseth4391d ago

How come you didn't answer the original question posted to you by brutally honest? Probably because you can't name a shooter that isn't "generic" and therefore would nullify your claims to why KZ2 wasn't very goof to you.

So according to you the game that not only brought the best graphics this gen, amazing bullet detection and reaction, physics, and sound but also introduced the evolving online MP match is not innovative?

The only thing I hope all FPS's take from KZ2 is their online MP match setup. One match involving 5-7 small matches constantly changing from TDM, Assassination, Domination, "Capture the Flag", and so on is awesome and forces every player on each team to work together or else you get smoked in KZ2. No little campers just hiding in spots constantly looking for kills while the team they are on is losing because they can't do anything but camp.

If KZ2 didn't do anything for you this gen then nothing probably will buddy and nothing probably has for 5 years or so. KZ2, like all FPS, are generic in nature. But KZ2 at least raised the bar in Graphics, Sound, Physics, and Online Multiplayer.

So why don't you answer Brutally Honest's first question and enlighten us on which FPS is so innovative and groundbreaking?

ultimolu4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I hope it's an action/adventure game but I won't mind if it's another shooter. After Killzone mind was just blown.

I just hate that stupid Radec...*shakes chibi fist*

Oh, and don't mind TOO PAWNED...I think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

EDIT: http://www.gamecareerguide....

You're welcome lowcarb.

Pennywise said it's almost three million, not that it's three million.

lowcarb4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

"If you want to bash sales, provide sales numbers. Being KZ2 is @ almost 3 million if not over is not bad IMO."

Practice what you preach. Link please on those numbers?

edit Too pawned: You really shouldn't worry about people that disagree with you. The only reason they do it is because they don't like to hear the truth or lies. Heck I think N4G should award people for collect agrees and disagrees.

Edit ultimou: You sure were quick to defend penny lol. I take it she's one of your multi accounts. Anyways I wasn't talking to this account it was penny's. KZ2 isn't even at 1.5 million yet so yeah your welcome too.

heroicjanitor4391d ago

How do you know it is around 3 million? I would've thought around 2 million but it deserves more

Nineball21124391d ago

I know it's VGChartz... but they have KZ2 at 1.74 million.

So, 3 million is high, but it is around 2 million.

Pennywise4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Okay, 3 mil is high... I knew I would catch heat from that. With the bundle I give it 3-4months and it will be at 3mil.

BUT 2 million is hardly a number to say: IT SOLD POORLY.

That is everyones problem with the original comment from Sil-Too Pawned.

ultimolu4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Really, I should stop right now. Sony said that Killzone 2 sales exceed 1 million. What does that tell you?

I only reinforced what Pennywise said.

He wasn't wrong.

And I cannot figure out how two million is bad for a first party game. And don't give me that crap about hype because the reason why KZ2 was hyped is because of the fact it was a proven title of which exceeded the first game.

SuperM4391d ago

"I couldn't care less if someone disagrees with me, i just find it stupid to disagree because someone states his opinion"

Then WTF is the disagree button for? You can state your opinion but that doesnt mean people have to agree with you... jeez your ridiculous

Nineball21124391d ago

No, I agree with you Pennywise. But you know how it is around here... You gotta give good numbers or the topic goes off on a tangent.


I have no doubt that GG, Sony, AND PS3 owners are all extremely happy about KZ2's success.

SoapShoes4391d ago

@ lowcarb: You say practice what you preach but then you go and give no links to your 1.5 mil claim. Oh and VGChartz is not a reliable source. I find it funny how with you fanboy haters, it's always the truth with you and that's why people are disagreeing. Hypocritical in the highest extreme.

@TOO PAWNED: Yeah KZ2 is generic all right. /sarcasm. I guess you think Generic Warfare 2 is going to be one of the best games this holiday huh? Was COD4: Generic Warfare a great game too? LMFAO!!!!!!!! Also if KZ2 sold so poorly that doesn't say much for other games as it was the best selling PS3 game of '09 so far.

lowcarb4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

"And I cannot figure out how two million is bad for a first party game."

Who said anything about 1.5 million being bad? I know i sure as heck didn't.

"I only reinforced what Pennywise said.

He wasn't wrong."

He wasn't right either so what's your point? Heck your guessing yourself lol. None of us no the exact figure so cool it.

"And don't give me that crap about hype because the reason why KZ2 was hyped is because of the fact it was a proven title of which exceeded the first game."

KZ1 might of sold well but was far from proven. Part two has made the franchise proven so please quit already.

edit estranged: Yeah you got me there but in this same post above I made it clear that none of us no the actual number so good try.

"I find it funny how with you fanboy haters, it's always the truth with you and that's why people are disagreeing. Hypocritical in the highest extreme."

Nobody said it's the truth but you. Thanks for being honest.

4391d ago
SoapShoes4391d ago

@ Lowcarb: Straight out of your mouth, "The only reason they do it is because they don't like to hear the truth or lies." so tell me again about, "Nobody said it's the truth but you." because I would very much like to hear the words from your forgetful mind. :)

Also if no one knows the actual numbers like you said, then stop throwing numbers out there.

pixelsword4391d ago

When you say "People are tired of generic shooters" when referring to Killzone 2, the ONLY game this or any generation to have a full cover system in 1st person, you'd better have a list of games and reasons for why each game isn't generic to prove your point. The fact that Brutallyhonest asked you to provide a list and you still didn't give one only further justifies the reasons people may have given you disagrees. What baffles me is how you think the controls are "broken and annoying" when you don't list anything specific.

After getting numerous high scores from multiple sources, especially from sites who traditionally and systematically rate PS3 games lower, you state such garbage without giving reasons. That's what people are disagreeing with, you lack of reasoning in handling your own opinion. To be blunt, one thing you have to realize is that if you have the right to give an opinion, people have the right to disagree with it; so opinion comes with that responsibility. You wanted to sow to the wind by using generic copy-and-paste complaining with our justifying your reasons, don't be surprised that you reaped the whirlwind.

likedamaster4391d ago

You were foolish to even post on a ps3/killzone 2 post, let alone something negative about it. LOL. You know ps3ers are insecure about their console and games, why go there. You know they run this place.

On topic/
Killzone 2 was by far the fastest to drop 3 map packs this gen. Just saying.

ultimolu4391d ago were proven wrong lowcarb.

Thanks for playing.

evrfighter4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

" were proven wrong lowcarb.

Thanks for playing. "

That coming from someone who was all but crying because a pro M$ article yesterday made sense is hysterical.

ultimolu4391d ago


I'm sorry but were you saying something? I must have dozed off. Sorry for that dude. :)

evrfighter4391d ago

lol wtf? are we back in the 5th grade?

There's a butthurt stench comin off you. Might wanna get yourself checked out.

topdawg1224391d ago

They put out some great dlc and fast and were quick with complaints about controls as well. Great job guerilla can't wait for KZ3!!!

Shepherd 2144390d ago

Im not approving of TOO PAWNED, however, Halo 3 has released three map packs, a free single map download, and an expansion and fourth map pack will be available this fall, two years after the games release. Throw in the fact that Bungie updates, rotates, and changes the multiplayer playlists every single month, and holds special events from time to time for its players. Id say thats supporting the game wouldnt you?

Gears of War 2 also has had three map packs, with the fourth map pack, Dark Corners, available very soon.

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TOO PAWNED4391d ago

Bring new IP.
Kz2 is all flesh no substance when it comes to single player.
The most generic characters, story and single player possible! I am not MP guy so KZ2 was big disappointment for myself.

leila014391d ago

I LOVED the single player. It's the multiplayer I didn't like (I was getting owned constantly buy rocket launchers and turrets).

Xulap4391d ago

Those damn turrets always giving me headshots.
They're too powerful... And I never can even mount one before it gets destroyed!

Mm, now that I think about it, I haven't played Killzone in like a month or more.
I'll get back to it when the new map pack releases. Hopefully today!

PotNoodle4391d ago

I loved the single player, but it was the multiplayer i loved most and knew i would love it from the closed beta late 2008.

nycredude4391d ago

And what is call of Duty, Bad Company, and every other shooter out there. The same as Killzone 2 except without the flesh...

TOO PAWNED4391d ago

RICO has to be the most generic, and annoying video game character EVER and least in 09.
GG played too much of Gears of War, characters were lame copy of Gears dudes, and i hate them, but when there is a copy of them that is even lamer, BEYOND lame.
All those lame one liners and F words and cursing, ughhh

SevWolf4391d ago

Too Pawned: "GG played too much of Gears of War, characters were lame copy of Gears dudes"...LOL!! Yeah, you're right Sev, which is a great character, is a copy-paste of Marcus, which is also a great character, I loved the way they would joke around, you would know what I mean if you listen and watched deeply, like the way Natko, Garza, Jeffrey(ISA), and sometimes Sev would joke around like how the military do to calm themselves down from the war

RAAAAAGE4391d ago

the characters did suck, but the gameplay is good.

Pennywise4391d ago

I curse in RL, so Rico didnt offend me. I would think soldiers in the field would curse a storm up.

Power_Of_Flops_4391d ago

Gears of Wars or Halo are much more generic than Killzone 2.

KZ2 has the best online gameplay too, by a long shot.

raztad4391d ago

Whoever thinks GG copied Gears characters never played KZ1. Rico is there and always was the same annoying d!ck.

KZ2 is a really awesome FPS. Far from generic it's pretty unique. From its unique gameplay (present in KZ1 too) to its unique visuals, there is not other FPS like KZ2 in the market.

FF7numbaone4391d ago

I was kinda anyoyed with rico, like him better in killzone 1.

Double Toasted4391d ago

Whats so unique about it? KZ2's online is boring after you get the highest ranking...

raztad4391d ago


First of all KZ2 is not a twitchy shooter. That is a HUGE plus for me, and makes it diferent from other arcade FPS. Second, its cover system in first person, totally different than other offerings like R6:Vegas. Third, its AI makes every replay a different game, helghast are no cannon fodder. They fight and figh hard and smart. Its setting, that "dull" environment called Helghan, I havent seen any game like that before, at least, not with this high fidelity.

Now talking about online. I still remember the time (playing on PC) when you used to play just to have fun owning someone else azz, not to get a rank or a Trophy. Anyway, it's just a matter of taste.

freitox4391d ago

I didn't like the single player as well, imo there are much better ps3 exclusives out there, get freaking uncharted instead of kz2 if you are into single player games, or infamous!!that game is awesome : D or MGS4!EPIC!

PshycoNinja4391d ago

If I remember correctly Killzone 1 came out before the original Gears. Rico was in the first, Templar was in the first, and Visari was in the first. If anything Epic Games got their insperation of Coletrain from Rico.

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TheTwelve4391d ago

....step into Killzone 3.


ultimolu4391d ago

...If Killzone 2 managed to scramble my brains, Killzone 3 may just turn it into dust. :o

CobraKai4391d ago

I hope they blow the lid open in the killzone universe for part 3. Take the war to different planets. Start in Helghan and end in Vekta.

rukia_chan4391d ago

killzone 3 anyone???? \o/

ultimolu4391d ago



Sir Ken_Kutaragi4391d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-D

+ On my last comment(about KZ2 DLC Pack)i said -

£9.99 is cool;)
Hopefully now they will move on and make -

KILLZONE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

AHH...they must listen to me!!! ;-D The POWER of Sir Ken is Strong!!! ;-D

Kill Crow4391d ago

more people will buy KZ3 than the 12 people who bought KZ2

she00win994391d ago

yeah, it's also the same 12 people who gang bang your mother..

Defectiv3_Detectiv34391d ago

Wow, nothing like a little KZ2 article to get the 360 owners all defensive.

After seeing how much GG have progressed w/ just the map packs, I can't wait to see how much improved a KZ3 would be. That map beach head is frickin crazy - there are so many effects going on around you at once, you really feel like your in the middle of a storm. You can see the wind swirling blowing the rain around, sparks flying everywhere, smoldering fires and smoke, one of the most impressive MP maps I've ever played.

Kleptic4391d ago

didn't GG already state they were in the beginning stages of killzone 3 development?...

2 years from now Killzone 3 will be imminent I would bet...the tech is already there...they could change nothing of that engine and still have one of the best looking console games of the generation...story wise though; there is plenty of room for improvement and further development...

the game director from GG stated in the tech interviews just before killzone 2 released that 'next time' they were looking into completely dynamic enemy reactions...meaning you could shoot an enemy in the arm and have that part of his body disabled in real time...causing him to drop the weapon, pick it back up with the other arm, and attempt to keep firing at you...the enemy response system in killzone 2 is already WAY ahead of ANY shooter right now...nothing comes close to the tech in killzone 2 in this department...can't wait to see that improved even more...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4391d ago

More than 12 people bought Killzone 2, it's more like 13 now, and 3 others got it with the PS3 bundle.

xcox4391d ago

killzone 2 obliterated the whole 360 lineup,
killzone 3 will just poop on the few remaining survivors

best online shooter this gen,
cry xb!tches

Kill Crow4390d ago

with ultra realistic controller delay for the reall FPS queens out there !!!!

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John Kratos4391d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing GG make a new game. Something more story focused. Think if they used that engine they could create some amazing atmosphere. Plus KZ2 wasn't the most amazing game I've played.

SevWolf4391d ago

Actually if you think about it Killzone 2 had a great story, but like you said it wasn't "story focused" I hope there next game shows the story more, cause it's apparent that they have very talented writers

raztad4391d ago

KZ's story is a continuous flow. As SevWolf said they have talented writers ans I agree. KZ1 was the beginning of a big story still unfolding. You need to play/read what happened in KZ1, to understand KZ's story big picture. Who the Helghans are and why they are fighting that war.