Ratchet finally brings Toy Story pre-rendered graphics

Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time finally brings the graphical quality of pre-rendered CGI to video game consoles.

Insomniac's hard work has finally produced CGI quality graphics rendered in real-time on the PlayStation 3. Sure, it might not quite be at Wall-E level yet, but Toy Story 2 quality pre-rendered graphics have definately been reached.

Insomniac Games, who have produced more games for the PS3 than any other developer (Resistance 1, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Resistance 2) brings their fourth game, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (or what they like to call Clock Blockers) with an even more polished engine.

The pre-defined animation and limited scope of the cutscenes mean that Insomniac can pull more out of the PS3 for their real-time rendered cutscenes in A Crack in Time, though the gameplay graphics are just as spectacular.

Have a look at the comparison picture below, featuring a new screenshot released by Insomniac and Sony, to see how far video game graphics have come, from a rumoured Sony comment that the PlayStation 2 could produced Toy Story quality graphics, to the reality of Insomniac's work on the PS3.

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qface644389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

that's what people said about the last ratchet game i forget the name

honestly i disagree it really looks much different in motion that's what matters in the end right? least to the people that love graphics i guess?

Lucreto4389d ago

The first Ratchet& Clank was Toy Story 1 type graphic but this article says it is as go as Toy Story 2.

beavis4play4389d ago

i can't wait for aCiT. but, i look forward to the game for the story as much as to see how great it looks.

and qface, unless you've seen the final, finished game "in motion"........maybe you should wait till it comes out? and if you weren't impressed with ToD.......what animated game do you think looks better?

starchild4389d ago

That looks amazing. They really have achieved Toy Story quality graphics.

hay4389d ago

Maybe I'm being weird or something but I think the R&C screenie looks a lot better than Toy Story 2.

FamilyGuy4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

After watching Toy Story 1 and 2 in HD I'd have to say they are still pretty far off. I don't know about this newest game, obviously, but the older was touted as pixar graphics and even though they were and ARE one of the best looking 3 dimensional animated games it was not on THAT level. People take credit away from Toy Story since it's an older movie but once you've seen it in HD you really REALLY wouldn't know. This comparison is of the dvd version (the photo comparison) which definitely makes more sense.

This claim is on par with saying that the game looks like a cgi cutscene and i don't think we're there yet. Even pc games in all their glory don't match that fluidity level yet.

Speaking of which:
I think Cars and even more so Monster Inc. should be mentioned whenever someone speaks of pixar movies.

Oh yeah, I'm glad they've created difficulty setting for this title more than them improving the graphics as i thought the last ones graphics were great but it was a little too easy.

Montrealien4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

These kinds of comparisons are getting old no? Both of these articles and quotes are almost 10 years old right from the Mouth of Sony and MS themselves. The Sony one is ten years old.

Bill Gates once said about the Xbox 1...

"We're approaching the level of detail seen in Toy Story 2,"

Oh! an lets not foget Sony!

"The new microprocessor will allow users to handle nearly 50 times more 3-D image data compared with Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s (7964) Dreamcast game console. It will also let users produce game characters comparable in image quality to Walt Disney's Toy Story."

vhero4389d ago

Nobody ever said the first game looked like toy story stop making crap up but anyways my comment on this is simples.

Only on Playstation.

LazyDevs4389d ago

While i am very excited for the new R&C. Cutscenes have looked this good for a while now. You get gameplay that looks as good as TS2 then we will talk.

SuperM4389d ago

Well i think videogames today have alot of effects that wasnt present in the toy story movies, so in some ways id say it looks better then toy story. But perhaps not as much when it comes to polygons etc.

morganfell4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Well Montrealian, you are wrong on both your quotes. The Sony quote isn't a quote from Sony. It is a quote from Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Nihon is the Japanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. It isn't Sony.

Second, Bill Gates never made that quote. Wired is wrong. Here:

The quote comes from Seamus Blackley who was onstage with Gates.

"This is Alice and, again, I hasten to point out that this is all real-time, this isn't pre-rendered, as you'll see when I screw up controlling it, I'm sure. Let's just take a look at Alice here for a second. I mean, that's just stunning. These guys are achieving the level of visual detail that you really did get in Toy Story, and this is a real game, this is the way the game really plays. In fact, let's play some game now. I can do a couple of nasty things to these bugs, I can smear them, actually my favorite thing, I've actually got to get lined up for over here a little bit is the death roller. See, this is how you can tell it's not a canned demo. Come on. You guys are watching a demo from Seamus, the expert gamer here. There you go."

In any event, they have nailed the graphics in R&C. I had a chance to play it on the show floor at E3 and the difference from FTOD/QFB is staggering and those titles were eye-popping in and of themselves.

HardcoreGamer4389d ago

this game is abotu gaming an not toy story - heck yeh it looks good like toy story and it doesnt but the first ps3 ratchet was great , and reviewers were blown away by its visuals if this is better graphics with the smae great gameplay and story elements mixed in tihs is a block buster title for gamers, the downside for some


Montrealien4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

morgan, you are unreal. btw, I am not saying that R&C does not look amazing, I remember thinking that the first one on the PS2 was insanly georgeous, the PS3 versions are no different.

But don`t twist quotes up, Nihon Keizai Shimbun got that info from Sony when they revealed the Ps2 specs to the japanese press. Why do you (enthusiasts) care so much if sony said this or not anyways? I mean, really? sad, sad indeed.

As for Gates saying that quote, my bad, and wired`s bad also I guess, some one at MS said it, just like someone at sony said something similar when they where presenting the specs of the PS2 to the press. The 100 or so people that troll this place and think that sony or MS are the holy grail of gaming need to wake f*ck up, you guys know nothing. And outside, in the real world, you are a joke, enjoy the little warm feeling being anonymous and on the internet gives you. End of story, do not pass go, and thx for following me, and ignoring me.

morganfell4389d ago

Here, let me stick a pin in your ego. I am not following you. I don't follow anyone. It is a PS3 thread so naturally I am in it. And just as naturally you are in it attacking Sony. That and the fact you are incorrect...on both why you were cut down.

Wired reported something that turned out to be incorrect and you think Nihon, also a publication is suddenly infallible? Where is the direct quote? Answer? It isn't a direct quote. You fell on your face in your attempts to drag down the thread. Goodbye. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

4389d ago
salgoods4389d ago

as morgan stated just provide the direct quotes so you both can stfu. end of whose right and wrong. give us a link to the direct quotes and the back and forth can end.

Lifendz4389d ago

And saying it's at a Toy Story level of beauty isn't such a stretch considering Toy Story is more than 10 years old. In some ways, I think Ratchet looks better than Pixar's early work. Maybe next gen we'll see games that look as good as Pixar's work now (UP! for example).

morganfell4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Resorting to playground name calling is an admission of defeat. Thanks for the trophy. Goodbye. One of the reasons I game on PSN is to avoid kids such as yourself. I wouldn't lower my enjoyment by adding you to any list other than the one labled Ignore. Why would I engage in anymore activity with anyone that resorts to adolescent name calling? I wouldn't. Here's the Ignore button. And you do look like a 2 week old dandelion in a weedeater. Cut down.

At everyone else, the bottom line is they have matched that level that Toy Story brought. As I stated, I gamed it at E3 and it is stunning to see how far they have come since QFB.

Just when you didn't think they could innovate on the crazy weapons they managed that as well. Environmental interaction is more important and prevalent than ever.

4389d ago
Montrealien4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

You know morgan, I will never admit defeat, but I will admit being wrong, would you ever do that?

Now to conclude this thing once and for all, where people using Toy Story as an example of what the PS2 was going to be capable of? Yes, it was all over the internet at the time sony reveiled the spec in march of 1999. Did Sony say it themselve? nope, not with the Toy story as an example, their wording was more along the lines of..

From the official Sony press release.

(This allows for unparalleled real-time computer graphics expressions and techniques to be used in software for the first time. Imagine walking into the screen and experiencing a movie in real-time…this is the world we are about to enter.)

Who started using Toy story as an example of what sony meant by ,walking into the screen and experiencing a movie in real-time? We will never know maybe. I am sorry for the confusion this may have caused, using Toy Story as a bench mark almost 10 years after people where using it as an example, still old.

have a nice day.

FamilyGuy4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Visual flare, dynamic lighting and all those things aside, this is CGI people. The character move too smoothly to be compared.

Oh, and to think they improved on this
Then wow o.O

LOL, maybe this pic proves my dis-agreers point...

Maybe you guys were watching it on public HDTV?

morganfell4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Family Guy, it isn't CGI. Everyone that played the demo at E3 said the same thing. And the demo was running on PS3s, not dev kits or anything of the nature.

Lifendz, it was the fur on Ratchet that dropped my jaw.

talltony4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Really I thought ratchet and clank future was Pixar cgi quality already infact they even said that back when it was released now they are just saying it again For the sequel.

4389d ago
FamilyGuy4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I wasn't saying the Rt&C was CGI, i was saying that Toy story, even though it's 10+ years old, is STILL CGI. It was still in imax theaters and I saw it at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood when i was in like the 4th grade (im 24 now).

Im just saying the blu-ray version of toy story 2 is still above what we see in games because of how fluid the characters move. Because of all the special effects (for lack of a better word) related to your weapons and the overall theme of the Rt&C games they definitely DO look better but they are not "toy story graphics". I guess im counting polygons here so for a better understanding of my comparison.

Yeah, i never once thought those new RC videos were cut-scenes.
then again holy shi, just look at those friggin crabs. *hugs PS3*

morganfell4389d ago

Ah, I see, I did misunderstand. I have Wall-E on Bluray and it is just breathtaking (in image quality as well as story).

Hopefully once you see ACIT in person you will change your mind as none of the vids or screens even comes close. And it is fluid in game.

JBaby3434389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I don't think it's Wall-E level but definitely Toy Story 1/2. Plus all the things that go on in the game that don't in the movies. The amount of things in R&C Future on the first level alone were amazing. Can't wait for ACIT.

@ Montreal - Shut up already. You were wrong and just trying to spread fud and sling mud at companies then someone that put you in your place. You've actually done that many times since I've been on this site.

JBaby3434389d ago

I got you confused with someone else. Still wrong on the quotes but I don't think it was malicious on your part but it was on mine for thinking you were someone else. Again sorry for the mistake.

On Topic: ACIT is looking great.

iiraymoii4389d ago

WOW...Dont you find it pathetic to bubble yourself up? Its just a website, how about you try hard at life like you do here you might get some where.

IdleLeeSiuLung4389d ago

The first R&C for PS3 looked amazing to me!!! It is a feat in itself, and I almost bought the game. However, I think my brother picked it up instead. Wish there were trophies on it though.

badz1494389d ago

I'm huge fan of R&C! the gameplay is amazing IMO! imagine the puzzles that can be done using that mechanism shown in the video! I'm pumped to get my hands all over this game! this and Uncharted 2 will fulfill my year end's gaming needs! TS2 graphics or not, no other game in the same genre comes close to the quality of R&C on PS3!

JL4389d ago

First let me say this: I just started ToD the other day (my first Ratchet game ever) and I have to admit it looks really good and it's been pretty fun so far. Now as for the Pixar comparisons? No way. The game looks great, it does not touch Pixar CGI though. Maybe it's more like DreamWorks Animation, but not Pixar. Like FamilyGuy said, Ratchet does NOT compare to even Toy Story if you watch an actual HD version. And that's not even counting stuff like Cars (Monsters, inc? really? not doubting, just doesn't seem right, only watched the DVD though). And the bar has been set with, in my opinion, Wall-E. That looks AMAZING on blu-ray. So yea, graphics wise, Ratchet isn't touching Pixar. They're can maybe compare to DreamWorks. But like FamilyGuy also said, when you factor in animation, the games can't hold up to them at all.

Ok, after looking at some of the screens, maybe I can give you Toy Story. NO WAY does Ratchet touch Pixar's best though.

FamilyGuy4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

the game is awe inspiring

You haven't seen monster inc in hd/blu-ray?

720p, 1080p is more difficult

JL4389d ago

Damn, that fur looks really good. Haven't seen it on blu-ray. Might have to check that out though. However, I have seen a few Pixar movies on blu-ray: Cars, Ratatouille, and Wall-E. All of which look really really good. And in my opinion, nothing touches Wall-E. That movie had my jaw hanging open on blu-ray. Is it too greedy to ask for that level of cgi in new games? lol ok fine..thought so.

I do have to admit though, some of those screens of Ratchet there are really really good (admittedly I jumped the gun and just went on assumptions from the ToD and commented before I looked).

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RockmanII74389d ago

Wonder what Toy Story 3 is going to look like

The Wood4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

not the bigest jump but its still a great looking animation

The Wood4389d ago

they will continue to push the ps3. They have shown great ambition since they entered this business and i hope they continue. Some dont care about graphics as much as they used to but Im not one of those guys. We can have great gameplay, story AND graphics. I want it all

Admiral_Benson4389d ago

You greedy mo fo! (jks)

So true, the likes of Insomniac and Naughty Dog have proved that you can have the full package or great gameplay, story and graphics. They've raised the bar for developers and lead by example and seem to put alot of pride and effort into their games that some other devs seem lack sometimes!

I can't wait for R&C:ACIT, gonna start replaying Tools of Destruction again this weekend for a little refresher!

mastiffchild4389d ago

Thing is Insomniac churn out R&C games every two years with a Resistance inbetween(and a Q4B!). Without their self imposed time restraints just imabine what the games would look like? They must be gamers inside the dev coating to want their games out so often for us all!

Whether Pixar graphics have been achieved is neither here nor there for me, the fact is that Ratchet games have always been among the most attractive on PS2 and PS3 and ACiT will be no different. So many people love the series and it surprises me that even more don't as the quality rarely, if ever, slips below excellent.

xg-ei8ht4389d ago

I love KUNG-FUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uu

Troll-Killer4389d ago

Toy Story came out 14 years ago, and Sony was claiming the Emotion Engine would bring Toy Story level graphics to the PS2 back in 1999....and it never happened. Now, the PS3 is supposedly pulling off Toy Story visuals...which would be far less impressive, given the age of Toy Story, and the leap in tech from PS2 to PS3...yet some are still impressed. At this point, R&C should be compared to The Incredibles, at the very least...which is still about 5 years be an impressive benchmark. But, there's no way anyone with a brain could thing R&C...or ANY game...looks like The Incredibles. Fact is, these CGI animated films are made with computers that cost several thousand $$, with software that scales appropriately in cost. The most expensive gaming PC still couldn't pull off the visuals of something like The Incredibles, in real time; the lighting, textures, water, etc. are all far superior to even Crysis on Ultra High settings. To think a videogame could look anywhere CLOSE to these movies, using far inferior budgets AND hardware, on the PS3, is ridiculous....but whatever makes fanboys happy.

LittleBigSackBoy4389d ago

actually, toy story had REALLY bad textures, so some parts of PS2 games did look better imo

cayal4389d ago

lol someone's jealous.

Boody-Bandit4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Quoted from the article:
"Gates said the 3-D chips in the Xbox would be three times faster than anything on the market and offer nearly unlimited graphical visuals. "We're approaching the level of detail seen in Toy Story 2," he said, referring to the computer-generated kids film from Disney/Pixar."

Get your story straight next time

starchild4389d ago

How can a supposed "troll killer" be a troll himself?

You're just jealous because your favorite console doesn't have a game that is being compared to Toy Story. ;/

Montrealien4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

hmm, mr honest, one google search is not enough,

"The new microprocessor will allow users to handle nearly 50 times more 3-D image data compared with Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s (7964) Dreamcast game console. It will also let users produce game characters comparable in image quality to Walt Disney's Toy Story."

They both claimed it.

divideby04389d ago

be careful calling the kettle black...reread your post...

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