Fun Police: Dead Asteroids

Gamer Limit writes: "Sometimes, developers take risks. Visionary directors might have a specific gameplay element that they want to introduce; in their minds, it's revolutionary; but as a gamer, it just makes you want to pull your hair out!

Dead Space was a massive hit immediately upon release. Hailed for it's innovative "non tank" controls and a return to an environment that was (gasp!) actually scary, the game was a 15-20 hour action packed romp through an infected mining ship. Read on to find out when I momentarily stopped having fun, and why."

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Fullish4394d ago

No game can be perfect... cept Zelda games.

SilverDragon19794394d ago

I have to admit that at first I had a hard time with the Asteroids section in Dead Space. However I did eventually get the hang out it, and I even went back in my second play through of the game and earned the special achievement.

I don’t think it was a bad decision for the developer to put this section in the game though, as I do enjoy when games employ multiple types of gameplay. I do agree however that they should have explained this section better and made it a little easier to get through.

Yuenanimous4394d ago

I too had a hard time, but I think it's because I played Dead Space on the PC. There was a weird lag when I used the mouse. I ended up having to use an Xbox 360 controller and everything worked out.

TheGameLlama4393d ago

My favorite part of Dead Space was how every gaming magazine and website in the world LOVED it, except OXM:

Hahaha made me not even want to try it... maybe when it has a price drop?