Attention European Gamers: The Fate of Twisted Metal is in Your Hands

David Jaffe, who now runs the independent studio Eat Sleep Play posted a question on his Twitter blog asking European gamers specifically, "wondering IF we ever made a Twisted Metal for PS3, would players in Europe give a sh*t or is it just a USA kind of product...?" What should we make of this? TripleChat takes a look deeper into such a simple message as well as look at best "evidence" of a possible return of Twisted Metal to the PS3.

Eat Sleep Play has yet to reveal their new project, whom most believe is a Twisted Metal project but for the past few years the team has remained mum and very little has leaked out. What can we unravel from this?

Take a look at it and our solution to help convince Jaffe as well as the rest of the team at ESP that we do want a Twisted Metal game - more after the jump!

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