Why you shouldn't hate the Wii's online

"For some, online gaming is one of the biggest features on the back of a video game box. Interestingly though, Nintendo hasn't really pushed online as much as say Microsoft or Sony has, but why? The truth will make core online gamers mad, but the reality is their business strategy isn't about the existing online gamer, it's about creating new online gamers."

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Product4385d ago

I think the Wii's online is fine, it has a long way to go, but it is trying to get new gamers that just started playing games to come online. It will take time.

qface644385d ago

yeah it really doesn't compare to the 360 and ps3's online but its not really horrible

its alright not the best but just alright

Product4385d ago

Well since Nintendo always starts at the bottom and works it's way up, we'll get the great features later in the Wii's life cycle unfortunately.

SinnedNogara4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Agreed. The only thing I wished for was better WiiWare games (by that I mean more great ones. The good ones now are few and far between) and some demos!!

LevDog4385d ago

If its trying to get new gamers online.. Why wouldnt they make it as easy as possible?.. Getting that Wii Code or whatever you call it, is the most ridiculous thing.. Personally Ps3 is the simplest way to get online.. You buy a Ps3, Plug into internet, Sign up.. With 360 if you have to go through the hassle to buy it, which new gamers prolly wouldnt even ask about or know about.. Wii you have to call someone with another Wii and then figure out your Wii Code or number or whatever..

Personally those 2 things would turn me off to online gaming..

SpoonyRedMage4385d ago

You don't have to buy Xbox Live at all. You sign up first for a silver account basically by putting in your e-mail address and get a month's free Gold. Then you chose to buy it afterwards... perfect for new users.

N4g_null4385d ago

I hate to say it but I actually like the lack of a unified online on the Wii it is a lot like the PC structure. Plus I hate IM applications I have enough cell phones and emails to read let along some one nagging me to play some thing while I'm working. Gaming works much better like a bar which opens at a certain time. You show up and they show up and hey guess what you might even know these guys! One thing is for sure is online gaming forms separate friend ships rather than combine them when you have a system wide online system. Grudges form less often, which is a good thing.

I also don't like voice chat during gaming. Hey but that is just me.

Mini Mario4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

"Agreed. The only thing I wished for was better WiiWare games (by that I mean more great ones. The good ones now are few and far between)"

Dont worry "contra rebirth" should be our soon. Contra 4 was so damn good on the DS (now thats a hard game..the "core" posters should try it). Even tho it didnt come out in my region (australia)...lucky for me the DS is region free. The US ds games are so cheap compared to here.

Good thing i have ebay.

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resistance1004385d ago

To be fair i feel XBL does a far better job of getting people to play online than the Wii does. Communication is the one thing which gets people to play online and XBL does it better than any

PS360WII4385d ago

The Wii online isn't the worst as I get to play games online but it is only a limited amount of games. Not that it really matters to some to get online at all. Nintendo does play it safe which is why they are taking so long to expand on the online sector. Yet with all that said people will still hate on it as we all know it is no where close to PS/PS3/360 which the article already states :)

NexGen4385d ago

Lots of people use their 360 for voice chat while playing the wii. I do, and other friends online do. I would think that Nintendo would pay attention and offer some added functionality. As it stands right now, gamers need to use Sony or Microsoft's services to gain what the Wii lacks online. Any business should be aware of their shortfalls, no matter how successful they are, and address them. All in all, I think that Nintento is blinded by their wonderful sales, and they must think they are doing well enough to leave things unchanged. Maybe they are right and we're just the crazy ones for thinking their online service is lacking.

PS360WII4385d ago

Well it is business sense. They have a big image of being the family friendly corporation. Voice chat in all it's glory also is a haven for silver tongue devils who love to spew out any form of non family orientated language. So really Nintendo doesn't look at it as a hinderance but more of a safety precaution.

SpoonyRedMage4385d ago

Yup, PS360Wii is right. It's the same reason Pictochat isn't online enabled. They'd be slaughtered by the negative press. Do you remember the reports saying Paedos were using Pictochat to talk to kids? and how the DSi is perfect for Paedos?

Yer, that's the type of bad press Nintendo gets now think about if they had full communication in every game... it wouldn't end well. In fact I think people were complaining about Animal Crossing and Wiispeak.:S

N4g_null4385d ago

NexGen you do realize you can use some thing on the PC or even blue tooth on your phone right?

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christian hour4385d ago

I used to really enjoy my online gaming... now I rarely play games online. I was just sick of the amount of douchebag's you'd come across. Nowadays I'm all about the single player experience and thats about it. And the occasional co-op with a friend. Where did it all go wrong for me? :(

EvilTwin4385d ago

Sometimes the cheats just ruin the experience. I've been playing Conduit online, and as fun as it can's also frustrating to play against someone who has unlocked some invulnerability cheat (c'mon, 14 straight head shots through a scoped gun has a pretty high fatality rate).

The other thing to consider with Nintendo is that their core franchises aren't really multiplayer friendly. Zelda and Mario aren't centered around player vs. player-type stuff like FPS games. Even Metroid Prime is more about exploration than frag fests.

Mr.Mister4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

i agree with the multiplayer thing but i used to play new super mario bros ds multiplayer with a friend back when i was in high school and the multiplayer aspect was effing addictive , we would even pplay it in the teachers face and during exam
so i guess it would be better to add multiplayer to the main franchise. like new super mario bros wii for instant use constant multiplayer and i cant for this

Baka-akaB4385d ago

It's fine but i hate friend codes .

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