More Halo 3 Beta/Halo 2 Comparisons

Over at the Ascendant Justice forums, a dedicated member took the time to take some screenshots of Halo 2, and compare them with screenshots from the Halo 3 Beta leak. Thirteen previously unseen shots after the jump.

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MoonDust4194d ago

and water looks good too.

BUM4194d ago

Impressive work, Drew!

power of Green 4194d ago

No doubt the Beta looks better than the already finished Halo 2 but what gets me is all the Sony fans making a big deal out of it its understandable for exicted Halo/360 fans to compare progress but bashing a Beta with nothing but place holders in it so fans and devs can do gameplay test has me thinking it just isn't worth posting these comparison pics. Oh! well!.

PS360PCROCKS4194d ago

Some of the pictures look fantastic for Halo 3. Halo 2 reminds me of that like James Bond N64 look. Halo 3 has that real life feel. Just watch come October when we see new screens we're "going to sh*t our pants" lol

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The story is too old to be commented.