Girl in Evony Ad Slowly Shedding Clothing

Gamervision reports: "If you've been online in the past few weeks, you've likely seen advertisments for Evony. They usually feature scantily clad women in suggestive poses, sometimes (but not always) attempting to bring people into the game with promises of a free MMORPG. Usually it just has breasts and a flashing button that says "CLICK ME BABY!" Well, being the fantastic journalist I am, I've been looking very, very closely at these ads. After hours and hours of research I've happened upon a discovery: the girl in the Evony advertisments is slowly losing her clothing. If she continues along this path, she'll be completely naked in a matter of days."

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mrv3214312d ago

Didn't start with much in the first place...

G3TDOWN4312d ago

it's 2009 !

the first pic was so 200 years ago, she sould wear bikini

whoelse4312d ago

Wow the makers of Evony must be loving all this free publicity through gamings sites! :)

Tito Jackson4312d ago

come on boobies, youre almost free!

Christopher4312d ago

I support Tito's cause and call for the immediate release of all boobies from their captors.

N4Flamers4311d ago

let the boobies hit my board
let the boobies hit my board

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dominicm4312d ago

Such a tease since the game has 0 awesome boobs.

Mo0eY4312d ago

"After hours and hours of research..."

Dang, bro, give your Johnson a rest.

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The story is too old to be commented.