Wii Games that get you the most play for your buck

Using Nintendo Channel usage data, VGChartz take a look at which games are getting played the most and which ones won't last you very long, across both retail and downloadable games and all three regions (Americas, Europe, and Japan).

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bmw694384d ago

Amazing that those top games get about 50% more play time on average in Japan than in the west!

Braineater24484384d ago

Those Japanese are just a different breed of people, man...

njguy24384d ago

So many hours...people are clearly happy with Wii.

Mahr4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

"The bottom 10 has a collection of underwhelming titles..."

I take exception to that; BlastWorks is a great game and I've lost count of the hours I've put into it.

"If you're looking for a purchase you may want to avoid the games on this list."


bmw694384d ago

Hmmm BlastWorks is hardly a classic!

Mahr4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

"Hmmm BlastWorks is hardly a classic"

I'm not quite certain what that's supposed to mean, but no game that lets one design his or her own old-school scrolling shoot-em-ups and then share them online, Little Big Planet style, can be called 'underwhelming' in good conscience.

Smacktard4384d ago

I agree Mahr. That pissed me off too. BlastWorks is a fantastic game, and it doesn't deserve to be criticized like that. Unfortunately, I'm probably one of the people that's contributing to its low play-time... I just have too many games to play, okay!

Shnazzyone4384d ago

Where is bully scholarship edition and okami?!?!? Those games combined probably took 2 weeks from my life.

RockmanII74384d ago

But I knew Brawl would be #1. I bought a Wii for Brawl, Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart. Ended up only buying Brawl though (from those three).

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