Naughty Dog Confirm October 23rd European Date for Uncharted 2

GOONL!NE: Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra has confirmed that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will see a European release of October 23rd.

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GWAVE4392d ago

Wow. To think this game is coming out this year. It makes you feel bad for people who don't own a PS3. First Killzone 2, then inFamous, and now Uncharted 2? Crazy...

thereapersson4392d ago

Three confirmed AAA titles this year already. To think a couple years ago we were craving even ONE. Times change, don't they?

cmrbe4392d ago

I don't know about you but RC TOD, HS, MS and Uncharted Drake were AAA games in my book back in 2007.

Cwalat4392d ago

Helz yeah, i can't wait ! :D

Maddens Raiders4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

people like to downplay that list right there but there is no doubt now that they are (((AAA))). Motorstorm for example is the best off-road racing series of all time. Hands down - end of fkn discussion.

Uncharted 2 -- think about that for a moment.

Dead_Cell4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

There's quite a few great games been released on the PS3 the past few years,console launch with Resistance : Fall Of Man and Motorstorm (Two BRILLIANT games to say they were beginning titles and both expect multiple sequels) anyone?
Although I do see your point,the calibre of these so called AAA games is rising rapidly.

Edit : Agreed Madden Raiders.
Personally I'd put the Motorstorm games as "up there" with the Burnout games for just pure arcade racing games.

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Cajun Chicken4392d ago

Rock on. Now, just when to find out when Ratchet's out.

Ninver4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Man that sux. I need this gem real quick DAMMIT!. Oh well, it's an import to Aussie land for me :)

yoghurt4392d ago

I'd imagine ratchet in November, which leaves December for......GT5 (I can hope!)

Cajun Chicken4392d ago

I dunno, if I remember rightly in '07, Ratchet was out about a month before Uncharted was.

Fulensenca4392d ago

Why have we to wait 10 days more than Usa?

What's wrong with worldwide release date?!

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