Timed Exclusivity: How It Smites Gamers and Hurts Publishers

With the recent announcement of the Fallout 3 DLC coming to the PS3, a question arose in's mind. Should gamers be charged full price for DLC or games that are timed exclusives once they release on the console that was forced to wait for the content?

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GWAVE4393d ago

Well, we all know there's really only one company to blame for this whole mess...

dktxx24393d ago

ya, screw those Pepsi @ssholes. With their nasty ass cola.

Nick2120044393d ago

I understand that you are directing that towards Microsoft, but it mainly comes down to the publishers and their decisions. Sure, Microsoft could offer them some cash, but it still comes down to their decisions.

Omega44393d ago

Its not MS's fault their console is the only console where a new IP (or sequel) can succeed and sell enough to be worth the risk for a publisher

FamilyGuy4393d ago

I'm not going to listen to this guy cuz I hate the way he talks, the braces or a speech impediment or whatever, it's just super annoying.
On topic. MOST games that come out after a timed exclusivity DO either come out at a cheaper price or have additional content to warrant the purchase after the wait. DLC in another matter, especially when it was said time and time again that it WASN'T timed exclusivity...

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PirateThom4393d ago

It's not as bad as exclusive DLC, but it's up there.

player-14393d ago

I own both systems so i dont really mind!

Czin4393d ago

There's no doubt in my mind that that's just a punk move on any publishers part. That's just a way to make money off of those few who will buy the game anyway on the second console anyway. They know that many people won't go out and buy a 360 just for a sequel when they already own a PS3 and that sequel is coming out for the PS3 also at a later date. So to make money they'll just sell it for the same price on both consoles and still get some profit. Sounds great from a business standpoint but as customers we hate it.