Ex-Visceral Execs Making Game Based On Existing Activision Franchise, Leading New Studio

Kotaku writes: "Wondering what Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, former top guys at Dead Space and Dante's Inferno studio Visceral Games are going to be doing at Activision? Something new, based on something old, Kotaku learned today.

An Activision spokesperson confirmed to us today that former Visceral general manager Schofield and COO Condrey will be working at a new Activision studio. And they have a game planned."

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Shade3604007d ago

hmm wonder what it will be? - could be anything really... can't wait to find out...

Ziriux4007d ago

Hopefully something similar to Dead Space, but more original, I don't know how original you can go.

Since they said it would be something old but made new, I'm guessing a bette wolfenstein.

Baka-akaB4007d ago

I disagree hopefully nothing like Dead space .
It was great but i'm glad they dont fall into the "let's do a sequel of our stuff" trap

Icemael4007d ago

Activision? Bleh... I hope Visceral Games won't be hurt by this. I really liked Dead Space, and if these guys' departure affects the quality of it's sequels...

Ziriux4007d ago

This about it this way, they were really no better or worse when they were with EA either.

DeadlyDevil4007d ago

Activision needs a new IP

cliffbo4007d ago

whatever they make it will require a new controller!. lol

TheColbertinator4007d ago

Perhaps they are working on a new Gun game

Tetsuryu4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I certainly hope so.

Ziriux4007d ago

Yea, because the first one was interesting but had terrible graphics,terrible gameplay and a great story, so a sequel would just improve the two disappointing things I mentioned.

SpoonyRedMage4007d ago

A New James Bond game I say. Visceral Games is the development team that used to make the Bond games when EA had the rights and now Activision has the rights so it could be that.

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