Raptr's New Chat Client Helps Friends Get Their Game On

"The new client is based on AIR (which means it will run on Mac and PC) and integrates support for all major chat protocols, allowing gamers to keep in touch with their friends from a single app... what Raptr can do that the others can't is monitor whatever game you're currently playing, be it a full-fledged PC game like StarCraft or one of the many casual games found on Facebook and MySpace. Overall, the service can recognize over 32,000 different games, including stand-alone Flash games that you'll find embedded on countless sites across the web. Raptr's client also includes support for some game-specific protocols, like Xbox Live."

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Webs9614389d ago

I've seen a few of my friends on various forums using Raptr signatures, but I never found any good reason to break away from Xfire (or the like).