Epic court battle brewing over 'Brutal Legend'

The game's maker, Double Fine Productions, filed a countersuit against Activision Entertainment Inc. last week, alleging the company is trying to stop the release of "Brutal Legend" to protect Activision's "Guitar Hero" franchise.

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gamesR4fun4354d ago

I mean really wth is with them trying to block a game they passed up on jus cause its coming out at the same time as their next pos guitar hero game.

RememberThe3574353d ago

It needs to be said. They don't give a sh*t about gamers, and we don't give a sh*t about them. I honestly hope they fall. I LOVE Blizzard and Infinity Ward, but Activition is like a parasite that has been allowed to grow too large.

FamilyGuy4353d ago

I really hope they win, activision clearly ha no interest in the game/publishing it so why not let it go? It would be crazy if a game had been publicized this much, had been given a release window and got canceled just before release. I feel bad for the developers too since they put their time,efforts and money into making this game.

I bet they'll have to settle some amount of cash to buy the rights from activision if they do end up loosing. Match that cost with the cost of development and the game probably won't sell enough to save this studio.

Final_Rpg4353d ago

I hate Activison but I love guitar hero and enjoy call of duty... What do I do?? Maybe I should buy their games used hahah!

Nineball21124353d ago

Ya know... I wasn't considering getting Brutal Legend before.

But I think I might just pick this up for two reasons:

1. To support Double Fine Productions and all the employees who took a chance on this game


2. To send a big FU message to Activision.

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BBCnewsrocks4354d ago

**** Activision, there are better alternatives to all of their games (just activision, not blizzard.)

I hope they lose.

mrv3214354d ago

Hey guys this isn't news really the difference this time is it being 'announced' when gaming is quiet. This was first revealed during E3 so no one took notice and Activision hoped they could hide behind that busy time so no one would attack them like they seem to be attacking everyone.

And guess what one of the main reason they canned brutal legend is being they didn't see it had enough sequability... if you have Tim Schafer you keep Tim Schafer.

I didn't see Activision complain when Brutal Legend wasn't getting lot's of press but now that it seems really good and popular they decide to release it.

Also bad things Activision have done.

Destroyed a much better game called Scratch because it would compete with DJ hero.

Add loads of peripherals so gamers would pay this is a full list of stuff if you bought the game you'd almost certainly have to buy.

-DJ hero $120
-GH $100(not including the sequels THIS ISN'T A PLATFORM... IT'S A GAME STOP CLAIMING IT'S A PLATFORM IT CLEARLY ISN'T Activision)
-GH: World Tourd: $150
-Tony Hawk:Ride $100+ so that puts the total at

$370+ without the extra Guitar Heor games which is roughly the same price as a PS3 but apparently the PS3 costs too much?

Also COD 6 is £55 when most games cost £35 and most games have stuff such as a clan system and dedicated servers.

They have renamed the COD so that it wouldn't seem like a cheap yearly rip off it clearly IS!

LiL T4353d ago

They dont make more sports games otherwise we would be buying peripherals for all those games.

Football hero with pigskin controller
Soccer hero with soccer ball controller
Hockey hero with hockey stick controller
Baseball hero with baseball bat and ball controller
Golf hero with club controller
Basketball hero with basketball controller
and so on for 149.99 each

jessehaysfl4353d ago

Skateboard hero...........please see tony hawk ride.

Gamer_Politics4354d ago

Activision didnt want anything to do with this game but now they wanna act like crybabies

Lucreto4354d ago

I will never buy any Activision game again not like I ever buy any of there games before.

Activision is the new EA a company to be hated.

qface644353d ago

unlike activision at least EA is bringing some new good games to the table

va_bank4353d ago

When EA was the first to make an equal quality cross-platform game - Burnout Paradise. In 2007-08 I said that I'm done with x-platform games alltogether, but EA's games are now exception for me. Activision? I don't have any of their games. Yes, you heard right - I NEVER played COD4-5 and my entire family are fans of Rock Band.

After Activision threats of stopping support for Sony, I'd safely say: Go for it. You won't be missed. PS3 owners will now be forced to spend money on games that are actually GOOD.

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