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Microsoft is now Sony and Sony is now Nintendo

Every generation we see interesting twists and turns to the main competitors. We've seen Sega fail and bailout during the Dreamcast lifecycle, while Microsoft came into the picture as the next contender for the home console title. Sony and Nintendo have studied each other over the years and formed patterns to combat against each other. Nintendo relied strongly on superior first-party offerings, while Sony created strong third-party relationships and offered a wide variety of exclusive titles. A change of strategy is now being made.

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I caught me a LUNKER WOO HOO !! the Fanboys r bitting today i tells yea!!
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Lame article coming from a lame ass author!
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Lame ass flamebait.
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No news all flame bait; an opinionated article.
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This is flamebait.
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zero news value...flame bait.
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Flame bait editorial
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✔ Fixed
Bad Editing
Remove news and put it under article.
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GWAVE4348d ago

I'd be grateful if Microsoft was half of what Sony was/is. But for now, they're not Sony. They're just "me too" Microsoft.

rogimusprime4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Maybe when it comes to the sheer amount of piracy that the console attracts. Google XBOX 360 mods and see what comes up. I think that's the only real mantle they've stolen from sony, and that sony has taken from nintendo.

M$ will be Sony when they master the process of manufacturing. They are still all about software, don't get it twisted. I love my 360 too, but after getting the red rings once and having to pay out of pocket to get it fixed, I have no faith in them.

You still need both systems to get a full gaming experience this gen, so I won't complain. Sony WAS getting a bit too big for their britches, and the competition has put them off balance and made them compete instead of sitting on their laurels.

Sony DID, however, make a SOLID piece of hardware this time.

ShabzS4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Ms are not going away Gwave ... they're here to stay man... deal with it... they are right there on top with sony this gen... both are superb companies giving gamers some outstanding games

On topic:

if thats true... then what does that make nintendo... they are certainly not the game cube again if we're talking sales... coz it is spanking ms and sony in hardware sales

shocky164348d ago

It's funny you know? the more your bubbles go down, the worse your trolling gets. :(

darthv724348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Sony is Nintendo and MS is Sega (early 90's console era).

It makes some sense to view them like that. Anyone who was gaming back then will know what I am talking about.

edit: my basis is on the two major competitors of then and now. Nintendo is in a league of their own much like NEC was in the day. People knew they were there but the focus of attention from the hardcore was all on two companies and their respected systems. Slinging mud at each other was in then too.

edit: @jolly...Genesis does what Nintendon't. I think there was also a retort in the form of "Super Nintendo is what Genesisn't" or something like that.

Good effort though.

Greywulf4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Sony wasn't a distant second either from any of the competition for 3-4 years. Sony killed all the competition including Microsoft, and had an extraordinary lineup. Not getting a map pack a week earlier. Sony/others introduced new technology to gaming(hi DVD), not obsolute tech,(Hi DVD). MS isn't pioneering anything in gaming, as Sony is/did. I mean they did pioneer going backwards in hardware quality, thats something Microsoft can chalk up for themselves. Hell almost every new IP sony debuted made is now a "stolen exclusive" as edge & kotaku puts it, for the 360. And this gen, there are still more new IP's for the 720 to steal next time.

Microsoft will never be what sony IS due to their focus on dollars more than quality gaming, focus on timed exclusives rather than making a name for themselves and stable hardware. They started a year early, with faulty hardware, and are still a distant second behind the Wii. The only thing MS currently has going for itself, is the price and a year head start.

MS isn't going away, but it doesn't mean anything significant. Just like the Zune or Internet Explorer, they are here to compete. Not to win. Their competing has been nothing but "yeah us too!", case in point? Motion controls. Everything that MS & The audience/following has dubbed as a gimmick is now the second coming. Couple that with a year head start, and you have the Microsoft me-too campaign - with ads now with audio on xbl!

The gaming world would be stupid to pat MS on the back for their dishonest marketing tactics, advertising multiplatforms as exclusive, charging for free online play, charging dumb amounts for all the power-ranger-add on's, How much is a 400 gig HDD again, for all those lovely installs?(Yeah me too!). MS is a child with a checkbook. But no checks make the quality of the games any better, thats all spent on advertising so they can make the sequel with new textures and nothing else faster.

Microsofts future in gaming is dependent upon Sony deciding to drop the price, not really a market leader.

AAACE54348d ago

This article is trying to p*ss people off and fuel the fanboy battle!

Dodge and evade!!!

JOLLY14348d ago

Sega do what Nintendon't

ultimolu4348d ago

...*looks at title and snorts*

It never gets old.

Syronicus4348d ago


What is it with fanboy journalists that articles like this actually get written and then followed? Articles like this are trash and make me giggle all the while shed a tear for the fact that our industry is tracked by silly people who write like 3rd graders.

4348d ago
4348d ago
ultimolu4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

"This gen the PS3 is more like the XBOX: powerful hardware but not too much popularity."

You actually believe this?



I don't feel insecure. This is just flamebait.

EDIT: Because the Wii has been outselling both consoles? How could the 360 be a leader in anything if it can't surpass the Wii?

You're avoiding my question. Do you HONESTLY believe the PS3 is an unpopular console?

EDIT 2: You're still avoiding my question and you're going directly to sales again. You're an embarrassment to gaming La Chance. Use your multiple accounts to disagree with me. If you think I don't know you're also La Chance, you got another thing coming.

And I measure a console by the GAMES, not the sales. If you feel it's right sitting around here bragging about sales then you're not a gamer. The sales isn't what makes a console. The games is what makes a console.

You just hate the PS3. That's your problem. Stop acting as if you know what you're talking about.

4348d ago
Nathan1234348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Wow La Chance, just 3 years into a PS3 lifecycle you declare a winner. You declare a winner at a point when PS3's price isn't even what PS2's launch price was back then at launch... You declare 360 as a winner when PS3 has outsold 360 in the same time frame.... You declare a winner when even this articles writer admits that PS3 has the best first party...

Just tell M$ to win a gen first and then look to take over the 'SONY' title. Cause I can see Nintendo wiping the floor this gen...

Isn't it an embarrassment that a 360 at a price lower than the Wii can't beat the Wii in sales... At least we all know why the PS3 is lacking in sales.... Being twice the price doesn't really help the PS3, but at least one would have expected the 360 to outsell the Wii at a price lower than it.... Guess next gen M$.. All the best.

Greywulf4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

There are 3 consoles on the market, the Wii is #1, the 360 is distant second, and the PS3 is next to the 360.

Hiding from the Wii's success of course is expected. Because it rules out all moronic arguments about how the PS3 is DOOOOOMED due to sales and sales alone. If thats the case, the 360 is doomed. DOOOOOOMED, and you know it. Thats why you hide behind "HD CONSOLES!" The 360 doesn't even offer HD gaming 7.1 audio & advanced engines running any form of 1080p. Just stop.

Everyone here can admit a few things about this gen. 1. Microsoft Started early, multiplatforms perform better on it, its cheaper, and xboxlive rules. 2. The Wii is the undisputed #1 leader of this generation of consoles. 3. The PS3 is third, has second to none exclusives, and a expensive pricepoint.

The 360 will never be where the PS2/PS1 was because the PS2/PS1 didn't have to make up a special category to win. "HD CONSOLES!!!" lol please. Before this gen all 3 consoles were compared to one another, until Sony/Microsoft decided "well we aren't competing with the wii!" But consumers still have choice, and most often they pick the wii over both.

Dont deny the Wii, just because it makes every single last one of your points invalid, doesn't mean the Wii isn't the #1 console out, with higher selling software. Which isn't a good thing for the 360, or the Ps3. Right? Dooomed.


The 360 isn't ahead in the "EU", just the UK. and yes, its dead in japan, france, germany, and where-ever else tracks. The PS2/PS1 wasn't completely DEAD in regions Chance. ANother reason it will never "yeah me too" Sony's success. They are gunna have to stick to stealing franchises, and patenting the jump function in gaming to survive.

Eddie201014348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

This article seems to be referring to software support more so than console sales. In that respect his article is miss leading because Sony is not like Nintendo (Nintendo still not getting a lot of good third party games) was last gen and is pretty much equal with Microsoft as far as third party software support goes and is superior to Microsoft with there first party software. The only third party games that anyone cares about that is exclusive to Microsoft for the time being is the new Splinter Cell game and Left 4 Dead 2 which I'm sure will make there way to the PS3 eventually as has most of Microsoft's timed exclusive's. PS3 has a few third party exclusive's too, Demon Soul being one of them. PS3 is still the only console you can get MGS4 on.

All in all the PS3 has many Great games available now and coming in the future, in My opinion more than either Microsoft or Nintendo (Many more than Nintendo).

Jaces4348d ago

"By the way the 360 is ahead of the PS3 in USA and EU. Pretty good for a console thats dead in several regions of the world.

In that case the PS3 is dead in the USA and in the UK for instance where the 360 has outselled the Wii since Januaray 2009

@juuken on top: The PS3 is less popular than the 360 and the Wii."

Yes I agree, until Sony drops the price. That's what people are looking at so it makes sense for the Wii and 360 to sell so well.

4348d ago
mastiffchild4348d ago

No. Just no. There are little similarities of any worth and we're halfway into this generation AND it takes no mind of the fact Sony and MS have different agendas(profit Vs Marketshare)AND that Sony , as a hardware maker, wanted to push Bly Ray as well as games so far this generation.

So Sony are Sony, MS are MS and Ninty are Ninty. MS are yet to have a spell as the top console dogs as well, whcich, historically, has often been when firms have ballsed up biggest!

There's little of any merit in this article and it only serves to rattle people and it doesn't deserve to when it brings so little with any backup to the discussion. It borders onbeing pure 'bait. So lets not all bite shall we?

All the manufacturers this gen have their strengths and none are in any great trouble, the games are coming too fast if anything yet we have silly "news" like this all the time trying to convince us that things are doom laden or black or white when they just aren't. If professionals like Pachter keep getting it wrong why do other people think they've got all the answers? I'd suggest that if they did they be working for Sony or MS in trying to catch the sales of the Wii.

4348d ago
ps921174348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

What is the purpose of this article? Somebody has too much time on their hands. Look at the girls argue, lol. OH I see now, cat fights are funny ehhyy?

Wow 2 edits.

cmrbe4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

in a row and sell at least 200 million console units. It will never be Sony.

HDgamer4348d ago

The wii is a Next gen console, next gen doesn't mean graphics at all. You're just another fanboy in denial, to deny the wii as a next gen console is like denying that the U.S. is not in a recession and the war in Iraq is faked with old videos from desert storm.

Greywulf4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

The wii is a console, and has been until it beat the hell out of Sony & Microsoft, after it skyrocketed past all consoles, its now isolated. Yet microsoft is yeah-me-tooing its best feature, Motion controls, and most of the 360 games run in sub-hd upscaled to 720/1080p. HD gaming is fluff, you know this, and I know this. The Wii wipes away any silly arguments of position and doom, thats why you want to pretend its different.

The term HD-Gaming has nothing to do with your "BUH BUH SALLLESSS!" arguments. Sony's money from the PS3 doesn't go to the HD-Gaming Bank, neither does Microsofts. Its an excuse used to deny the success of the wii, and the fact that if the Wii can be so far ahead of the 360/ps3 voids any of your lame place logic. If the 360 is "ahead" of the ps3, the Wii is ahead of both. No matter what category you try to put it in. Since its an at home console you hook up to your tv, its compared by the likes of our own michael patcher and other media heads.

And as far as sales go again, the PS2/PS1 wasn't "close" in regions and dead in places like Japan. Its lucky to be around right now and is relying on Sony not cutting the price of their console.

Sony enjoyed their console being #1, PERIOD. Not "buh buh in this specific category of consoles!!!" The 360 will never be the #1 gaming console, and neither will the Ps3, thanks to the success of the Wii, but Sony is in a better position historically than Microsoft is. They've competed with Nintendo before and destroyed them. MS has yet to survive any generation.

ultimolu4348d ago

Poor La Chance. He can never admit when he's wrong. *shakes head*

ps921174348d ago

How exactly will this argument finish? Will you come to a conclusion; Or will you all just rage on?

Eddie201014348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Even with the Xbox 360 having sold about 2 million more consoles than PS3 in Europe (that mostly being in the UK) The PS3 still has more software sales than the Xbox 360 in Europe for the most part.

Not saying that Xbox 360 consoles are not ahead of PS3 but a good many of those are replacements counted as new sales. With the Xbox 360 high failure rate and the amount being replaced through retail warranty and the people buying new Xbox 360 to replace old one's hoping that the newer models are less prone to get the RROD failure, there is no accurate way to know how many Xbox 360 have been sold anywhere in the world.

Microsoft's sales numbers are sales to retail not to consumers. Retailers replace faulty consoles with new ones through retail (replacing a broken console with a new console does not create a new consumer, still counts as one consumer) and then orders new stock to replace the consoles they have given out as replacements (By all accounts the Xbox 360 still has a higher than normal failure rate). So that basically is padding Microsoft's sales to retail numbers.

Not saying that Microsoft doesn't have a lead over the PS3, just saying its very possible that the lead is not as high as they would have consumers believe.

ps3d04348d ago

I find fanboys like gwave and greywolf laughable and pathetic. De La Chance was right people like that are insecure the scary thing is when you look at all the agrees these losers get and realize just how many people like that are on n4g.

Gwave sony is the "me too" of this gen.

greywolf maybe if you were smart enough to read the article and understand it you'd feel better about yourself and wouldnt need to take a black plastic box to bed with you.

Anyways on to the article I think the article did a really good job of pointing out the strength of each company.

Nintendo has always been with their 1st party games.

Sony use to let 3rd parties make almost all their exclusives and they work hard to have good relationship with them. However now that 3rd parties are no long willing to make exclusives (beside a few) Sony is building great 1st party support.

Ms has use it year head start and higher install base (thanks to it low price) to build up 3rd party support that they didnt have last gen. They use XBL to build a large community to drive software sales

I dont see why fanboy of any system would be up set by any that. No matter what system/company you are a fan of they are all doin their best to make great games (to get your money)

militant074348d ago

love Microsoft as it is, i dont want microsoft to be sony, I loved microsoft consoles and games, but that wasnt the same with sony's playforms and games!

FamilyGuy4348d ago

The PS3 is the most popular because everyone wants one. Its sales have been attributed to its price and EVERYONE knows that, if this wasn't true then why is it that there are more PS3 related topics then any other in gaming news? More to that, why do we get a unique artile almost daily about a PS3 price drop in some form? Sony needs to... Sony has to... Sonys going to... Price cut imminent... PS3 price cut this... and so on and so forth.

It all SCREAMS to me that people want PS3s so I'd say it IS the most popular.
The 360 is as low as $200 and STILL not completing with the wii
The 360 came out a year earlier and is ONLY 7-8mil ahead of the PS3 (as far as we know)
The 360s sales stagnated for 6 months before M$ dropped the $200 arcade model
The PS3 has been selling at a faster rate (lifetime) at a higher price

If the PS3 was $200 or even $250 it would be selling at wii-like rates but the 360 can't and isn't coming close despite actually having a console out that cost LESS than the wii.

I'm not saying the 360 is going to die but it is completely within the realm of possibility that the PS3 will catch up to it in the next year or two if it becomes competitively priced.

No one's begging the 360 to do something more for them to buy one so they are selling at the speed they're going to be selling at for a long time to come. The Ps3 on the other hand doesn't meet a criteria that some people are willing to buy one for so once that criteria IS met its sales will increase dramatically.

Someone PLEASE argue my points. I would love for someone to makes sense of how the 360 is more popular because it's sold more currently.

Doomsday4348d ago


Maybe that's just the particular console his kids have.....

Montrealien4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

If a stupid article like this gets you emotional, you are insucure about something you love. You should just not care and enjoy the games you like on the consoles you have. There are 3 major consoles on the market atm and they are all doing great, end of story, do not pass go, go play a f*cking game.

oh! and smile a little! You guys get so freaky on these retarded flamebait articles.

And one last thing, if you think the DvD format is obsolete, you are just plain wrong and deluted, and crazy. With that said, I love blu-ray! We live in a DvD/Blu-ray world now, and for a long time to come.

I also like Casettes, which are officialy obsolete, unlike DvDs and blue-rays.

4348d ago
ultimolu4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Yes Master Chief, ignore the random multiple disagrees on comments made by PS3 fans and only look at the "PS3 fanboys" with the multiple accounts.

This site has truly become sad. I'm going to move somewhere where there's *real* gaming news instead of stuff like this.

EDIT: And here we go with more disagrees from insecure individuals who can't prove others wrong.

PS3 forums is more well-balanced than this site.

RockmanII74348d ago

Hey if you find that site, can you tell me? The only other site I found thats comparable to this is Gamespot, But that gets a LOT less news.

JD_Shadow4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

So...why are these "PS3 fanboys" (which seems to be the only label you guys HAVE for anyone who dents your world with simple LOGIC) getting several disagrees within seconds? Or why I have five bubbles that constantly get attacked whenever I even LOOK at MS (or Valve) the wrong way or call out one of the "favorites"?

Seems ironic that you project faults of one side on another and resolve the first side of ANY fault.

@Halo3 MLG Pro: Funny that someone that's part of the PROBLEM (can't even spell NAMES right, for one) tells someone to "not let the door hit you on the way out".

Like I said, ironic that the people that are at fault are the ones constantly blaming everyone else instead of looking in the mirror.

4348d ago
pain777pas4348d ago

Me too Microsoft is really a poser.

cmrbe4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

30 million != 140 million.

1st != 2nd Place.

Do i need to go any further?

CrazzyMan4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

You people try to understand, that cheapest PS3 model cost 400$ already for almost 2 years!

Also, you should know, that PS3 already surpassed total GameCube sales, which after 2 years cost 99$.

It`s now a matter of 299$ price, slim version and FFXIII/GT5 releases.
Everything will change, and probably by the end of This year we will see a lot of x360 doom threads.

Traveler4347d ago

Microsoft is nothing like Sony --from the way they do business to the success of their consoles. Until Microsoft wins two console generations by a HUGE margin like Sony has, it is absurd to claim that they are the new Sony.

The PS2 has sold more than three times as many units as the Xbox and Gamecube. The Xbox 360 is barely outselling the PS3 and is far, far behind the Wii. So how again is it anything like Sony?

Until it has two of the most successful consoles in history, Microsoft is not the new Sony.

evrfighter4347d ago

after just reading the title and browsing through some comments and seeing Ultimolu declare she was leaving. I lol'd.

Who knows how many sleepless nights are comin for her over this. Article is made of win and I didn't even read it :D

ultimolu4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Sleepless nights?

No, I'm sorry but I won't be losing sleep over this. The ones reading this article and trying desperately to justify their purchase will be losing sleep. :)

This has officially become News4Bashing.

Have fun boys.

ThatCanadianGuy4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

I don't like to even comment anymore, since N4G had turned into a flaming cesspool of ignorance and insecurity.

But, i HAVE to call you out on your hypocrisy.I see you alllll the time calling everyone "Nasim" Yet, you've only joined this site a few months ago..The guy who went by the name "Nasim" hasn't used that account in literally a year.

So, common sense tells me you're nothing more than a troll account yourself.Get a grip on reality for f*ck sakes.

cherrypie4347d ago


The Xbox 360 has a 3 year warranty. MS has stood-up and taken care of it's customers.

I've got *three* dead PS2s in my closet, and Sony didnt do *crap* to fix them.

YLOD reports are increasing now that the machines are becoming a little older and a little more common -- why does SONY charge $150 for every YLOD repair??

aaron58294347d ago

Another flamebait article.


Gamertags4347d ago

in my opinion is better than Sony has ever been. Look at how hard MS works for the gamers. They go to the furthest length to get the best content on the 360.

Good work MS. Sony, you still have a place in my heart of course as we have been friends for a long time. Currently, MS is just offering more. Sorry.

insomnium4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Working hard? MS? Best content? Could you please tell me what "best" content has the 360 gotten this year. Or last year. If compaired to the PS3 ofcourse.

I completely agree with everything you just said. I'd like to add the 1080p mee too and HDMI me too in there.

heroprotagonist4347d ago

You Microsoft worshipers are funny. You heap praise on Microsoft for doing the bare minimum to handle a problem that shouldn't have been there in the first place. It's like somebody knocking you down and kicking you in the teeth, but just because they help you up afterward you go around singing their praises and telling the world what a great person they are because they helped you up after they kicked you in the teeth.

When you have a console with the worst reliability in the history of video games and the things are dropping like flies due to a known hardware defect, what else was Microsoft going to do? Almost everyone I know with an Xbox 360 has had it die on them, of course Microsoft had to fix them for free, as damn well they should. It was either spend the billions of dollars to fix them, or get out of the videogame business altogether.

It's absurd. You guys act like they are doing us a favor to fix our 360's. As if they had any other choice.

+ Show (46) more repliesLast reply 4347d ago
ShabzS4348d ago

haha... yeah ... names are going to be called... accounts are going to be created and bubbles are going to be lost ... yes this will not be pretty

mxdan4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

And the examiner is now retarded.

Nineball21124348d ago


LOL... irony is great.

So, the Examiner was given additional tarts, huh?

Nice edit! :D

lloyd_wonder4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Not a very accurate parallel. Sony secured all the major releases for their consoles because they made up 75% of the industry at those times. Nintendo in the 64 days lost a lot of support early on because the PS1 offered more storage space for better games... Metal Gear Solid 1 and Final Fantasy VII, being prime examples. This new technology prospect was the key in Sony locking up a lot of developer support in the days they were unknown. Hmm. Reminds me of a certain console out now...

Microsoft also isn't securing exclusives when they end up on the PS3 six months later with better graphics and more content. Thanks for beta testing though. ^_^

user39158004348d ago

If Sony became Dreamcast, then who become Sony? Simple: Microsoft. Microsoft took advantage of their one year lead and built a strong online community via Xbox Live and hooked every third-party developer they could. Whether it was by paying for exclusives or just landing them, Microsoft captured every development team they needed for success. Any major multiplatform third-party title released this generation was developed on the Xbox 360 first – minus Final Fantasy XIII. Sony has had to get the hand-me-downs and these titles often felt incomplete or didn’t run properly on the hardware. Microsoft created an easy to use architecture for the Xbox 360 and it allows developers an easier time for development, while many have claimed the PS3 is too difficult to develop for. This sounds a lot like the PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 days. The CD format was much easier to use and offered more space compared to the massive N64 cart.

The architecture of the PS3 its pure garbage, and third party knows this.

PS3 should apply for Chapter 11 and start to develop for what they are good at (nothing).

Fandroids be aware sony sucks, you just dont know it or are blind.

Mo0eY4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

While others will be talking of sales, wishing for a comeback, bragging about their console of choice, I'll be playing PS3 exclusives. You give me better exclusives, the better my system will become, and the more insecure several others will be.

AngryTypingGuy4348d ago

"Microsoft also isn't securing exclusives when they end up on the PS3 six months later with better graphics and more content." -- Better graphics? Those glasses on your face must be rose colored. And honestly, on how many occasions has this happened? Not much.

Edae134348d ago

yea i dont wanna wait six months thats just to damn long bioshock......T_T

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

...and the 'xBox 360' will be the New 'DreamCast'!!! ;-D

And these STUPID Articles will stop(Hmm i'm sure they will think up more B$ tho)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4347d ago

I can allmost see the zits on your droid faces popping in anger as you type comments in your moms basements. :D now back to your "RROD RROD" comments with your itty bitty droid army of pure failure.

Better luck next round Sony, if you have a next round.

blackbeld4347d ago

^^^ Agree Ken.... Not so long and the 360 will be like the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast... PS3 is here to stay another 10 years!!!

starchild4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Sony got where they are at largely by 'creating', while Microsoft have got where they are at largely by 'destroying'. Case in point, Microsoft are damaging the PC gaming market just so they can take games to help them win the console war. And before anybody says "oh, all companies are the same" I'll just say bullshit, all companies do not approach business in the same way. I feel better about supporting the PS3 partially because I like Sony's approach to business better.

Sony are just doing their own thing, making their games and supporting their console. But Microsoft is stealing games from us PC gamers to try and make their console look better. There is no reason Alan Wake shouldn't be on the PC. Remedy games have always been enjoyed on the PC and now Microsoft want to prevent us from getting it just so they can claim an exclusive for their console.

infekt4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Heard Castle Crashers is coming to the PS3... Hmm. I wonder if Wipeout will make it to xb360.. Naaaaaaaaaah! Nuff said. You nipple-boys are so lame. go suck your xb duke..

NewZealander4347d ago

better graphics? tell me why every ps3 game ive played is full of jaggys compared to 360 titles that are usually pretty smooth.

you can have the best graphics in the world, but if you have jaggys its still ugly.

heroprotagonist4347d ago

New Zealander you're an idiot. Either you haven't even played any PS3 games or you are just trolling. I own both systems and I can tell you PS3 exclusives like Uncharted and Killzone 2 have great anti-aliasing. Now look at games like Halo 3, which is probably the 360's most important game, and it has lots of jaggies. My point is, both consoles have games with good anti-aliasing and games with poor anti-aliasing. It is really up to the developers and what they are trying to acheive and the tradeoffs that they make to get there.

NewZealander4347d ago

idiot aye?

ive played infamous, ive played resistance 1 and 2, and a few other games, and all except maybe uncharted were jaggy with bad textures, im not an idiot im only giving the facts on the games ive played on my 1080p tv.

trying to say halo was full of jaggys is stupid, only an idiot would say somthing like that;)

starchild4347d ago

He's right, you really are an idiot.

Halo 3 absolutely does have jaggies, since it has no anti-aliasing whatsoever. This is a fact.

"It’s also a shame that Halo 3 runs at 1138x640 with only Bilinear filtering, no Anti Aliasing, and gets roughly 30 frames per second on average." http://www.gamechronicles.c...

"It has also been noted that it runs at 1138x640 with only Bilinear filtering, no Anti Aliasing, and gets roughly 30 frames per second average."

Halo 3 = 1152x640 (no AA)

So, you were wrong about Halo, and you are completely wrong about Resistance as well. I own both Resistance games and I have always been impressed with how smooth edges are in the games. It turns out both Resistances DO have anti-aliasing.

Resistance: Fall of Man = 1280x720 (QAA)
Resistance 2 = 1280x720 (2xAA - GDC09 slides)

Also, lots of PS3 games have some of the best textures I have seen. Anyway, I don't know why I am bothering with you, since you were obviously talking out your *ss.

bujasem_894347d ago

OMG this is one of the stupidist articles ive read in along long time seriously some ppl are reaching new levels in patheticness if thts what its called lol XD

AngryTypingGuy4347d ago

Starchild, yeah you're right, Halo 3 has some jaggies, and is in need of a graphics update. Thankfully, it's getting one with Halo: Reach.

But you have to admit, the 360 has better antialiasing, and the PS3 has more jaggies in general. It hasn't been nicknamed JaggyStation 3 for nothing.

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ultimatek14348d ago

NOW NINTENDO IS SONY, MS IS MS, AND SONY IS NINTENDO. I love researchless articles.

raztad4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Yeah that makes a bit more sense. It's ridiculous to call MS "teh new Sony" when they are in a far second behind Nintendo.

Btw, why is everybody counting the bodies laying on the field when the battle is just passed the first skirmish and reinforcements are yet to arrive?

@Jeff below

Do you like to dream right?. Here yo go, my predictions: Sony will cut Ps3 price 100$, GT5 will be out by holidays and FFXIII in Japan. The xbox will be outsold constantly by PS3 from that point onwards. Nothing MS could do will change that, unless they drop the Arcade price to 100$, in that price is impossible not to get one.