Hitachi gets its one terabyte Deskstar 7K1000 drives out the door

Engadget has crunched the numbers: 1TB is a lot. And if you've got $399 to blow, it can be all yours, with Hitachi saying Deskstar 7K1000 shipments have reached "critical mass" this month, after starting out scarce in March. If you need one terabyte of data, in a 3.5-inch enclosure, spinning at 7,200 RPM and hooked up to your computer / RAID / iPod, you know who you are--this is your drive.

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WilliamRLBaker4195d ago

THATS ALOT OF NUTs....I mean storage space...*sorry bad kungpow reference* I hope they make an HHD out of that, it would own on vista, since vista super supports HHD drives.

Wolfgang1874195d ago

I can now start building my new HTPC :)

ben hates you4195d ago

can order a gateway with 1500 gig's that 1.5 terabytes that's what i did. can't wait for petabyte hard drives

Arkham4195d ago

Definitely up for installing that in my PS3.

Wolfgang1874195d ago

PS3 hard drives have to be laptop hard drives

Nav14195d ago

You need a 2.5 drive for that to work...well unless you want an external HDD.

Arkham4194d ago

There are ways to do it, though you require an ext. PS.

ITR4195d ago

Looking at this for my Power Mac.
3 tera here we go!

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