Page: Led Zeppelin Songs "Impossible" to Replicate in Guitar Hero/Rock Band

According to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, it's impossible to replicate his band's songs through Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

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PirateThom4384d ago

I blame Harmonix for losing the master Led Zeppelin tapes when they were making the first Guitar Hero.

Pennywise4384d ago

lol. I guess that would be the only valid reason.

guitarded774384d ago

When the guitar gods speak I listen... I agree that Zep shouldn't do Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but they did sell-out and let Cadillac use their music in their commercials, so then again....

dannyhinote_134384d ago

Like Led Zeppelin's music is any more genius than many of the other bands that have been featured in GH/RB.

Smacktard4384d ago

Well it's better than most.