New Screen of Crackdown DLC

"Hello All - Hopefully the PR snipers won't take me down or this image, but here's a quick look at a piece of content coming to you 'soon'. I'll let the pic do the talking, but essentially you are going to see a new game type and a new type of vehicle when you click the below link.

That's all I can tell you or show you for now." (Agent G)

Hopefully 'soon' is like yesterday. Speculation from a forum at has slated the DLC for an April 28 date, however, it is very doubtful that it is credible.

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eques judicii4198d ago

those look awesome... now i don't want to be at work anymore... want to play crackdown...


zonetrooper54198d ago

I can't wait for the content i will download it when its out, depends on the price though.

Extra Guy4198d ago

it should be free as there are still 100 points missing from the game. I think it was stated that you couldn't charge for content which was required to achieve a full gamerscore from the game.

dalectrics4198d ago

Had any one thought that the most probable time that people will be playing crackdown again is when it will be in their console....

Perhaps downloading a certain beta?


what beta could you possibly mean?


but seriously, crackdown is a great game. play it always!

JPomper4198d ago

Okay, I know I'm stretching a bit here... but I see three different colors of the buggies. Could they have possibly added 4-player in the DLC?


Extra Guy4198d ago

I was thinking that, i'm taking it with a pinch of salt though (i don't want to be disappointed if it isn't included).

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The story is too old to be commented.