All-in-One PCs With a Touch of Style

PC World: "We'll say it up front: The iMac is no longer the final word in all-in-one PCs. Though Apple's latest aluminum iMacs were the performance champs in our tests, it's the new wave of competing all-in-ones that are changing the game.

All-in-one makers now put greater emphasis on style and design, and touchscreens have practically become the norm. Some models--such as the HP TouchSmart IQ500t and TouchSmart IQ816, and the Dell Studio One 19--even have multitouch displays, which let you use two fingers at a time to pinch, push, rotate, and scroll items on screen. The TouchSmart PCs are also among several stylish big-screen all-in-ones that have built-in Blu-ray drives and double as Media Center HDTVs."

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