AMD loses more money

Chipmaker AMD reported its 11th consecutive losing quarter, prompting some analysts to wonder if the outfit will ever emerge from the red.

True the $335 million loss AMD reported for the three months that ended June 27 was an improvement on the $414 million the company lost during the first quarter and significantly better than the nearly $1.2 billion it lost in the second quarter last year. Its revenue of $1.18 billion, relatively unchanged from the first three months of the year.

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SuperStrokey11234384d ago

How are they even still afloat then? 11 quarters is almost 3 years of losses and its not like they are a huge 100 billion dollar company that can obsorb these types of losses

Webs9614383d ago

If you check out computer manufacturers like Dell and HP, it appears that AMD still has deals with those two to use AMD 64 processors (looks like the old X2 line to me) to place in the budget PC lines. That's what is most likely keeping them afloat right now.

Albeit, my older desktop has an AMD X2 4400+ in it back from when those were all the rage about four years ago. It's slower than I'd like, but it still does the job.