Sony May Cut Game Division Jobs Worldwide

Last week, news leaked that 160 "redundancies" at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, roughly 10% of their workforce, were being cut from the company following the launch of the PlayStation 3 overseas. Such downsizing does not appear to be limited to Europe. Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka told Reuters such changes could be in store in both Japan and the United States, though nothing has been decided -- yet.

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techie4192d ago

For a start those 160 were not all games division. Only a fraction of them were. A lot of them were to do with entertainment, and many in the games division were play testers.

Amplifier4192d ago

Just trimming the fat to tweak operations, nothing new here.


ITR4192d ago

That would make me nervous, if I worked for Sony.

I just hope getting rid of testers isn't a bad thing..

MikeGdaGod4192d ago

any second there will be some idiot swearing up and down this is because of ps3

Black Republican4192d ago

I am in NO way saying this is because of the PS3, this could be because of many different things
Sony makes how many differnet tech products lol

anyway what I was just wondering was
did this happen when the PS2 was released???

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