Natal Xbox 360 in 2010 rumor is back on

"Aptina has won exclusive rights to supply 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensors (CIS) for a new version of the Xbox 360 console under Microsoft's Project Natal technology, and shipments of the new Xbox 360 are slated for the second half of 2010, according to industry sources in Taiwan."

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whateva4393d ago

I think Sony should upgrade the PS-Eye to 1.3 MP also but I know people will cry about having to buy a new camera. but I wouldn't mind.

GWAVE4393d ago

Never before in my life have I seen the video game industry so galvanized against something (in this case, motion controls) only to turn around and worship it after a single E3 conference.

Xi4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Rumble is last gen.

OMG DUALSHOCK 3 with rumble!

darthv724393d ago

Gwave, I dont understand your comment. I think you mean to say the gamers not the gaming industry. It just wouldnt make sense for the game industry to shun such a movement that was bound to happen.

Gamers shunning it makes more sense. Change can be a difficult thing to embrace but it is needed to evolve. In this case you can really only sit and control a game the same old way for so long. It was time to find new ways to interact and at some point maybe we will get to the "holodeck" idea of interactive entertainment.

You dont have to like it but you do have to accept that change is coming.

FamilyGuy4393d ago

Having it built in can be good for two things
They can increase hardware sales
They can sell a console at a loss whereas a peripheral cannot be justifiably sold at a loss

The one negative

If it's within the console rather than exterior you'd have to place you console in a place that allows it to see you, meaning, right in front of your tv. A bundle would make more sense.

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Cherchez La Ghost4393d ago

Take your time MS. Get all the bugs out.

-MD-4393d ago

How exactly is this a rumor? We know Natal will be out in 2010 and we know it'll be bundled with 360 so...

Man_of_the_year4393d ago

This is considered Top News in the gaming journalist world. especially when its common knowledge or they just a copy off other related articles that is making its rounds.

FragMnTagM4393d ago

"Aptina to be sloe supplier of 1.3-megapixel CIS for new Xbox 360, say sources" Kinda hard to take this seriously if they can't fix "sloe" to sole!

Kushan4393d ago

Considering the horrible grammar in this, I'm not sure it isn't just a terrible translation and "console" is simply referring to the actual Natal device.

Gen0ne4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

*snicker* Christmas? Yes, but not this one. See ya next year. Right on time for the Wii HD and Sony's new wand. 2010 is starting to look a little crazy. Looking forward to being broke for most of it.

Xi4393d ago

natal is also the name of a brazilian city the creator lived near as he grew up...

Gen0ne4393d ago

Huh. Learn something new everyday. ( no sarcasm )

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