Call of Duty 3 Bravo Map Pack Q&A

Due for release sometime late in May, the Bravo Map Pack for Call of Duty 3 will give players five new locations to check out, including two classic maps from the series' PC past. In this interview you'll find some details concerning each of the new maps along with some further details about what the Bravo Map Pack has to offer.

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God of Gaming5767d ago

I do love this game, its a blast online but I so wish it had a party system.

socalr65766d ago

I only play this game. Gears had R6V collect dust. Why? I just love it!

Too bad not many people play the Valor packs and I sure this will be the same. I seem to end up playing with the same people (good players though)in player matches every night when I chose the Valor pack maps.