Average Value of PS3 Games Rises Last Year in UK

PS3 games have seen an increase in the average value of games rise last year, in comparison to Xbox 360 games which have seen a decrease.

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darkequitus4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Why does it not say the average selling price of both consoles? quoting one, then quoting a whole load of percentages means nothing. I want to know what I will actually pay for both

Menchi4385d ago

Because they're talking about software... Not hardware.

darkequitus4385d ago

Software is what I meant, an early morning typo.

Nelson M4385d ago

And The Crap always gets Flushed down the pan

OGharryjoysticks4385d ago

The PS3 game case is better and uniform with the push down center button holding the disc. Not all 360 cases are the same and there are some out there that the disc holder center locks the disc and is really hard to get out without bending the disc to the point of almost cracking it.

Also the PS3 disc itself is a lot better because I've never opened a game and had any scratches on the disc unlike on the 360 where buying a new game quite often you find hairline scratches on the disc straight out the box.