The year end planning of Sony , Part 2

French website has new information about the full list of games for 2009. They have European dates and prices for one part of PS3, PS2 an PSP games. They have information about PS3 bundles to.

In this list, we can see Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves, EyePet, Ratchet & Clank : A Crack in Time, Singstar : Michael jackson, etc...

For PSP, we can see MotorStorm Artic Edge, Gran Turismo, Jak & Daxter : The Lost Frontier, Little Big Planet,Socom: Fireteam Bravo 3, etc...

To know in detail the list, dates and prices of PS3 and PSP games, click on the link below.

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Admiral_Benson4392d ago

Infamous going platinum in November!?

Damn, that was quick!!

KingAlaBala4392d ago

Uncharted 2! xD i cant wait! i didnt feel like this since the release of Halo 3!!!

EvilGost4392d ago

Singstar : Mickael Jackson reconfirmed


bringing out Singstar: Michael Jackson is one of the smartest business moves i've seen in a long time, watch the sales of that one go through the roof!

FamilyGuy4392d ago

I'm actually interested in a signstar game...
It just seems like it'd be great during family get-togethers and small parties, people like karaoke and everyone knows MJs classics.

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djreplay4392d ago

I want to see GT5 this year but MAG can wait imo

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The story is too old to be commented.